Delicious Snacking with Heluva Good! Roasted Garlic & Caramelized Onion Dip


Looking for a delicious new snack this Summer? Try the new Heluva Good! Limited Edition Roasted Garlic & Caramelized Onion Dip – beware: it is addicting!!! I’ve been a huge fan of Heluva Good! dips since I was a teenager. The flavors are delicious every time. My favorite has always been French Onion but now […]

Do You Like Picnics With or Without Bees? I Love Bees!


My family enjoys going on picnics, we always have. Even when my husband and I were dating, we would go on picnics all of the time. Have you ever thought about how your picnic would look without bees to pollinate crops? Yeah, me either until I was given this image courtesy of Whole Foods. I […]

Shout Out from Willard Scott to AkronOhioMoms for the New Smucker’s Fruit-Fulls


Kids love fruit pouches, don’t they? It seems that everything tastes better in a portable pouch. I thought it was only about the pouch but I was wrong – they didn’t like the off-brand version I bought last month. Seems like many companies are on the pouch-bandwagon, many of whom don’t know anything about fruit. […]

Cool Down This Summer with Third Street Beverages


Summer is practically here, and while it may not be scorching yet, sitting down outside with a cool iced tea or lemonade feels like heaven! Instead of your typical high sugar teas and lemonades, why not try something that is naturally sweetened, completely organic, GMO free, and is Fair Trade certified. Third Street began as […]

How to Set Up an Easy Fundraiser with Schwan’s Cares


Fundraisers can be difficult to set up and manage but not with Schwan’s Cares. It it easy to set up a fundraiser for your non-profit, youth sports team, church project, school, and more. Everything is done online and you never have to touch a dime! I received product to facilitate this post. How to Set […]

Hello Fresh: Delicious Recipes Delivered Weekly

hellofresh logo

Wouldn’t you love it if you could magically have amazing, ready to cook , food show up at your door? With Hello Fresh you can! Hello Fresh is a new food delivery service. This isn’t your standard box of food.  This box will rock your socks off. Everything is so delicious. How Does it Work? […]

Pack Nutritious Snacks this Summer with thinkThin Bars


Now that our kids are out of school, Summer can officially start! Hooray! We spend a lot of time on-the-go in the Summer from vacations to day trips to lazy days at the pool. While not at home, it can be very easy to slip into unhealthy eating on-the-go. I received product to facilitate this […]

Wild Albacore Tuna, Pasta and White Bean Salad Recipe with Wild Planet Foods


Are you looking for healthy dishes for the Summer? Consider adding lean, natural protein-rich fish by Wild Planet Foods.  Wild Planet Foods offers 100% sustainably caught seafood and only the finest in quality. Their seafood products are packed in its own natural juices and cooked just once for optimal nutritional value to you. Growing up, […]

Fundraisers Have Never Been So Delicious – Schwan’s Cares


Fundraisers – you love ‘em and hate ‘em at the same time. They are essential for our schools, sports, church projects, non-profits, and extra circular programs but are normally items that you will never use. I don’t mind fundraisers when they are for items my family will actually use, like the Schwan’s Cares™ program. This […]

OurSkinny Diet the Easiest Diet Ever


When I got my OurSkinny Sampler pack I was excited to see what flavors of shakes and mini meal bars I got. I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and these mini meal bars and shakes kept me feeling satisfied and kept me full for longer than just your regular breakfast or lunch. […]

Check Out New Stonyfield Organic Yogurt Pouches!


I like to provide at least one dairy item in my kids’ lunches every day. I’m so tired of the yogurt squeeze tubes that make a mess and as a lunch mom, I see the same scissors cutting tube after tube – even the ones kids were trying to bite off, it’s just gross. That […]

Do You Want to Be LesserEvil?


I know I want to be LesserEvil! LesserEvil is a snack food brand that is healthy for you. That’s right, I said HEALTHY! Their snacks range from organic popcorn to chia crisps and the Super 4 snacks. LesserEvil is the first snack brand that is actually “good for you”. There are plenty of snack brands […]

Get Fresh with New Food Trend: Crystallized Herbs and Flowers


I’m always on the look-out for new food trends as I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. A new trend among pastry chefs that adds color, flavor and texture to heighten pastries and desserts are crystallized herbs and flowers. It is an innovative way to bring all natural freshness to any meal, dessert, or beverage. They […]

Bitsy’s Brainfood Cereal is for Everyone

Bitsy's Brainfood Logo

If you have kids with allergies or if you prefer that your children eat organic, non-GMO, Kosher or Vegan food, then Bitsy’s Brainfood Cereals and Snacks are for you! Bitsy’s Brainfood Cereal is available in 3 flavors, Fruit & Veggie 1,2,3, Carrot Raisin Crunch, and Banana Squash Squares. All of these cereals are “smart” cereals, […]

Drink to Your Health with Green Mountain Teas


As I sit here nursing myself back to health from strep throat, nothing could be better than cup after cup of hot tea that I am enjoying from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Beyond being sick, there are so many health benefits of drinking tea from reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease to improving […]