Drink to Your Health with Green Mountain Teas


As I sit here nursing myself back to health from strep throat, nothing could be better than cup after cup of hot tea that I am enjoying from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Beyond being sick, there are so many health benefits of drinking tea from reducing your risk of cancer and heart disease to improving […]

Enjoy Gluten-Free Living with Udi’s


Do you live a gluten-free lifestyle? If not, chances are good that you have family and friends that do. There are many reasons for people to live a gluten-free lifestyle. Only about 10% are medically diagnosed with a condition like celiac disease or gluten intolerance with 37% being self-diagnosed. Other people decide to go gluten-free […]

Enjoy Pasta Flavors in a Chip with Pasta Chips

Pasta Taste in a Chip - Pasta Chips

Are you looking for a healthier chip with delicious flavors?  You have to try Pasta Chips, they give you pasta flavors in a chip. Discover all the passion associated with Italy with 5 flavor packed varieties that will take your snacking to the next level Spicy Tomato Herb Sea Salt Marinara Alfredo Garlic Olive Oil […]

Starting my Day with New Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars #NGHarvest

Nutri-Grain Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars (4)

I don’t know about your house, but mornings in our home are like a whirlwind. We have a set routine and if it gets altered in any way, it can become a disaster of things left out of book bags, breakfast rushed, and buses missed. Once my kids are on the bus, my routine begins […]

T-fal Popcorn Popper is a Great Addition to Family Movie Night!


Family movie night has finally been made complete with the T-fal Popcorn Popper! This air popper pops a perfect bowl of popcorn in as little as 3 minutes! Like most air poppers the T-fal Popcorn Popper is easy to use, but unlike most air poppers it did not leave many kernels behind and we did […]

Patricia’s Top Ten Produce Tips


Over the years I have learned a lot about cooking and prepping foods. I wanted to share with you  some of the best tips I have learned about produce. In our house we love fresh produce but without these tips to help me out I would never have time to make sure we are getting […]

Crunchy Granola Cereals with Flavors Your Family will Love from Quaker


I am always on the lookout for something new and healthy to feed my family for breakfast. Quaker Oatmeal has just come out with breakfast innovations with flavors that my family just loves. I received product to facilitate this post. Our favorite is the new Quaker Warm & Crunchy Granola. It is a cross between […]

What Does Tofurky Look Like?

TofurkyFeast (2)

Do you have a guest coming over for dinner that is a vegetarian or vegan? Not sure what to serve? It is easy to serve delicious meat-free meals that everyone will enjoy with Tofurky. My family was first introduced to Tofurky a couple years ago and even my 4 and 6 year old children liked […]

Refreshingly Raw Recipes


I am not a vegan, I love gluten heavy foods, and the occasional twinkie makes its way to my stomach. That being said, I also like to expose my family to healthy, home made food as well as try new cuisine. I was a little concerned about receiving and reading The SIMPLY RAW KITCHEN, by […]

Snack Happy with New Quaker Real Medleys Fruit & Nut Bars


I am always on the look-out for new snacks for my family. I send snacks to school with my kids, in their lunches, at sports practice, and at home. I want to provide tasty, yet healthy snacks for my kids and for my husband and I. I was recently introduced to the New Quaker Real […]

Holiday Cooking and Baking with SMITH’S


Holiday cooking and baking time is here!  With Thanksgiving next week, you are most likely building a shopping list soon. Be sure to buy locally sourced products from SMITH’S for the freshest dairy products. Fresh always equals better tasting. SMITH’S milk comes from local dairy farms, so you know it is fresh. Many of SMITH’S […]

Switch Dinner Up with Iberia


Do you find yourself buying the same things over and over again at the grocery store? Then, do you wonder why you seem to always make the same meals over and over? It’s time to switch it up a bit and dabble in Latin cuisine. My family enjoys trying new cuisine from all around the […]

Chex Offers Tasty, Gluten-free Breakfast Options


About 24% of Americans are searching for a tasty, gluten-free breakfast. Look no further than the new Vanilla Chex cereal! Chex offers 7 gluten-free flavors in their iconic Chex cereal for everyone to enjoy a wholesome and flavorful breakfast. If you are on a gluten-free diet, you know that many, many products that are gluten-free […]

My Lunch Mom Life and Bean Mountain


Lunch mom duty at school gives me a wonderful perspective of public school life.  I get to know the teachers, principal and staff, I get to learn how my children are doing, I get to meet who they hang around.  All wonderful introspective looks into the lives of grammar school kids.  A life that I […]

Seasoned Baby Carrots Your Family will Love from Shakedowns


Looking for a tasty, crunchy, and healthy snack? Check out Shakedowns! My family is hooked on these single serving packs of baby carrots with seasoning.  We take them everywhere including to school for snack and lunch, hiking, in the car, to sports practice, and at home for a healthy snack. Shakedowns add flavor and excitement […]