Dog Shaming – Are American Fidos Too Dog-Gone Bored?


At first blush, it’s a cute trend on social media – Dog Shaming.  People post photos of their dogs with signs telling what mischief they got into, and what bad habits they have.  I’ve laughed out loud reading some of them!  But truth be told, many of these bad dog behaviors are created by us […]

Reduce Watering by 50% with EcoLiner Hanging Baskets from Avant Garden Decor


I love having flowers all over my yard!  The punches of color they provide add beauty to our property, and just make me smile.  But there is work that goes into keeping plants and flowers happy in our yards, especially with hanging plants.  Hanging plants dry out quickly, and never seem to retain enough moisture. […]

Help Your Tween/Teen Girl Grow Up Strong And Find Her Own Unique Voice


I have two girls.  My eldest, Alyssa, is in 5th grade.  She has begun to enter the phase of social pressures, struggling to find her own voice in the cacophany of “you shoulds,” seeking popularity, and being true to oneself.  It’s a tough world out there, and unfortunately, my husband and I no longer hold […]

My Favorite Custom Gift – Paint My Watercolor

pmw jacket

Everyone has favorite special photographs.  One of my favorite family photograph is a vacation picture of me and my girls on the beach.  It is several years old now, but remains one of my favorite family memories.  I have my youngest daughter on my shoulders, and my eldest daughter standing in front of me.  The […]

I Took the Udi’s Gluten Free 14 Day Challenge

udis feature photo

For the past few years, I’ve been hearing a lot about folks deciding to eat a gluten-free diet.  Some out of choice, and others, because they suffer from Celiac Disease, which means their bodies can not properly digest foods that contain gluten.    I’ve also heard those on a gluten-free diet complain that gluten free foods […]

My Mom’s Homemade Hot Pretzel Recipe

Hot Pretzel Recipe

Last night I made my mom’s Hot Pretzel recipe from her days as a preschool teacher and director. Yes, this recipe is so easy that she made it with three and four year olds! These yummy treats go together quickly – despite the fact that they contain yeast, there is no kneading or rising needed. […]

Help Us Find a Puppy


We are living and breathing everything “Puppy” in our household. We have talked about getting a puppy all summer and now we are ready to commit. Tonight, our church had a picnic with a balloon artist. My kids both asked for a puppy! Elijah asked that I put their picture on my blog to show […]

The Best Marinated Tomatoes Recipe


Nothing says summer to my family like this recipe! Its simplicity allows garden fresh tomatoes to shine. The longer these babies sit and marinate, the better their flavor!  We can’t wait to try this recipe with our Mr. Stripey hybrid tomatoes that are growing in our new Backyard Botanical Complete Garden System! Louise’s Marinated Tomatoes […]

Take Your Backyard From Blah to Blissful with Backyard Botanical and Sam’s Club

backyard botanical

Once spring hits, you can hear the hum of lawn mowers and smell mulch deliveries all over the place. It’s the annual American attempt to get the landscaping done and enjoy our yards during the summer. But do you, like so many of us,  feel like your backyard is still missing a little pizzazz? Sam’s […]

PAWSibilities Rummage Sale-Score Some Loot & Help Shelter Animals to Boot!

Dog and Cat Reclining on a Blanket

The yard sale season has begun!  I’ve been seeing signs all over my town, and I’m sure you have too.  The only thing better than one yard sale, is a bunch of them all under one roof!  That’s what’s happening at the PAWSibilities-Humane Society of Greater Akron Rummage Sale June 1st and 2nd!  What’s more, […]

Teaching Kids to Sew

picture of Kids sewing

My son is in cub scouts. He is working through the Cub Scout Tiger Cub Handbook to earn Tiger Track beads for various electives. These electives range from making cards for sick people to playing a board game with your family to teaching a song to someone and even sewing on a button. I never […]

Valentine’s Day Games

Little Girl in Pink Dress Holding Decorative Valentine's Day Heart

Holidays are fun times to play games with our kids. Some parents feel like they don’t have the imagination or time to come up with special games.  If that’s you, I’m coming to your rescue!    Whether you are planning the games for a school Valentine’s Day party like I was, or just want some […]

3 Kings Day 2012 is January 6th. Do you Celebrate it?

picture of 3 Kings Day 2012

Updated: 1/3/2013 – Read our 3 Kings Day 2013 post here. If you are scratching your head wondering what Three Kings Day is, you’re not alone. Most people haven’t heard of it.  You may be more familiar with Epiphany. Whatever you call it, it’s a celebration that marks the arrival of the Three Kings/Three Wise […]

Shop Your Favorite Retailers Online and Earn Money For Schools with Box Tops for Education Marketplace

box tops Image+for+blog

I do A LOT of my Christmas shopping online. With great deals, and free shipping right to my door from so many retailers, it’s a no brainer. Another no-brainer for internet shoppers is to earn money for our kid’s schools via the Box Tops for Education Marketplace website.  With over 150 big-name retailers on board, […]

A Great Family Gift Idea: The Epson Moviemate 62 Projector – A Portable, Affordable Home Theater

moviemate 62

Not to be stereotypical, but when it comes to men and their televisions, bigger is definitely better!   Am I right, or am I right?  So was the case with our family’s search for a better way to watch movies, sporting events, and tv about 5 years ago.  My husband wanted a large screen tv in […]