My 90s WQMX Country… miss it. So does this 15 year old girl.


Among other things, I listed to Country music. I dated to Country music, and I fell in love with it playing somewhere in the background. But, I listen less. Is it because I am an adult? Is it because I spend less time driving all over town? Is it because I don’t have as much […]

Win Samsung Refrigerator by Making a Samsung Women of Steel Nomination


Do you know a remarkable woman in your life that makes everything look easy? I’m talking about women who seem to have secret, super hero abilities and always has a smile on their face. They are as tough as steel and as gentle as a dove. Maybe this is your mom, grandma, sister, friend, or […]

Bringing Back #HolidayTips from Smucker’s Holiday Traditions Event


The joyous holiday season is quickly approaching. I cannot wait! It is the most special family-bonding time of the year. It is the time when we all make time to get together. It is a time when we put past issues in the past and look at all the blessings we have in our lives. […]

What Kind of Spider is This??


We found this lovely spider on our garage door today. He’s a nasty one! Any idea what kind of spider this is? Just for size purposes, I put my hand next to it. Probably not smart since I’m certain it is poisonous from how horrible it looks!! If you study Arachnology or consider yourself a […]

Bold Bloggers at #FolgersLounge at BlogHer ’13


One thing lately that I have learned in life is it pays to be bold. If you don’t strive to be your best and stick up for what you believe in, then what’s the point? When I was invited by Folgers to be one of their bold bloggers representing them at BlogHer, I was so […]

First Day and Last Day of School Pictures


I have no idea how this past school year has completely flown by! This has been a huge year for my kids. They have learned, grown, and are developing into kids that I continue to be proud of every single day. I feel so blessed to have the honor of being their mom. I saw […]

The Tech Sabbath Vs. The Farmer


The Farmer of the last 5,000 years has had an always on, always working job out of necessity.  Cows need milked, every day.  He can’t turn them off, he can’t deprive a cow of water on a Saturday night. I wonder what a farmer would think of today’s smartphone owner who can’t stop working. I […]

Put on your Pouty Face when driving through Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio this summer

Speed Limit 14.5 MPH

Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket?  I must admit that I certainly have.  Sometimes it is through tears (real ones because I get so upset) or maybe just a pouting  face. It seems however that this summer, if you drive through Cuyahoga Falls, you won’t be so lucky.  Cuyahoga Falls has instituted […]

Our Lock 26 & Beaver Marsh Adventure


My kids are outdoor explorers. They love to be outside finding new amazing things and even creatures during warmer months. We spend a lot of time in our backyard and nearby parks enjoying nature as a family. We have enjoyed the exploring gear of Backyard Safari Outfitters for several years now. They make learning and […]

Will You Participate in the #SocialBlackout on Mother’s Day?


What do you have planned on Mother’s Day? There are so many options from brunches to parks to family gatherings to breakfast in bed at home. I’ve enjoyed a total of 8 Mother’s Days and none have been the same. One thing has been consistent, I’ve enjoyed being with my husband and beautiful children. I’m […]

A Look Back at 2012/2013 School Year & How I Kept Sane


It is hard to believe that another school year is coming to an end. My kids have been counting down the days until Summer and cannot wait! It has been a very full school year.  One way that I’ve kept sane and my family healthy is by being prepared, at all times for messes and […]

Goodbye Our “Good Boy” Arnold, We Love You


It is with a sad heart that I write this post. We have known this time was coming for nearly a year. Our dog Arnold started having erratic breathing last August. We learned he had a heart condition and put him in medication. This helped with the breathing but he continued to lose weight and […]

Happy Easter – Don’t Miss Out on the Meaning


Happy Easter! I hope that your family has a fun day together, celebrating Easter today. Like most families, we’ve enjoy Easter egg hunts and fun activities over the weekend. Our typical Easter will start with our kids waking us up early to find the Easter eggs that the Easter bunny left – filled with tons […]

Getting and Staying Organized with Brother P-Touch Labeler – Before and After Pictures


Last week, I announced that I was going to get motivated and Organize my kids’ toy closet. It is pretty bad when you and your kids know you have toys and art supplies but can’t find them because of the mess!  Below is the embarrassing before photo of my kids’ toy closet. You could hardly […]

We Need Puppy Training Help!


We love our puppy, Roxy. She is part of our family now. We adopted her this Fall from the good people at Medina SPCA. She was housebroken relatively quickly and easy. She is an affectionate dog that loves to play!  However, we need puppy training help desperately. Last week, my husband let her out to […]