Take Charge of Finances to Achieve the American Dream


When you look across America, there are many difference from the way we live, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, our ethnic backgrounds, and so on. We are all trying to obtain the American Dream. With hard work and perseverance, we all have the freedom and opportunities to make that dream happen. The […]

Find the Work Life Balance You Want with Mom Corps YOU


My husband and I are self-employed, we are diligent at creating a healthy work/life balance that fits our family and life. It seems like we are always working, except for when our kids are home which means all day and well into the night. Being self-employed means that if you are not working and seeking […]

Classes Starting this Month for Those Needing English as a Second Language


English Classes can be a critical link for those new to our country to integrate into the community at large.  Often times individuals can be stuck at home, or work at a family business with no real understanding of what is going on outside – with the rest of us. The good people (I know […]

Low Cost, Safe Cell Phone Solution for Kids


Are your kids asking for a cell phone yet? The average age is around 12 but 1 out of 10 kids get their own cell phone by the age of 5! My son is 8 and already asking for a cell phone because his friends have them. He convinced me to let him have my […]

15 Peasant Ways to Save Money for your Kid’s College Fund


Like any mom, no matter what background you come from, no matter your lifestyle, income, or pedigree, you want your kids to have the best. It’s not always possible–if you’ve been paying any attention to the news lately, you’ve seen the royal baby fanfare, and you know your baby’s arrival isn’t likely to have primetime coverage […]

Summer Vacation – Tech Dangers and How to Avoid Them


Guest post by Becky Frost Summer vacation is here and travel season is in high gear!  In today’s hi-tech world, getting away from it all doesn’t have the same meaning as it has had in the past. Families may want to get out of town for rest and relaxation, but those plans don’t always include […]

Do You Know How to Compare School Districts Near Akron, Ohio?

School Districts Near Akron, ohio

Isn’t it always “oh the schools in my city are very good’.  I’ve always found school district knowledge confusing, and a weighty walk reading through school report cards that, now a days, mostly look the same. I decided to put together a map of local school districts near Akron, Ohio.  Below is a complete map […]

Put on your Pouty Face when driving through Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio this summer

Speed Limit 14.5 MPH

Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket?  I must admit that I certainly have.  Sometimes it is through tears (real ones because I get so upset) or maybe just a pouting  face. It seems however that this summer, if you drive through Cuyahoga Falls, you won’t be so lucky.  Cuyahoga Falls has instituted […]

Fellowes 73Ci Cross-Cut PowerShredder Review


Your trash can be an identity thief’s treasure. The majority of identity theft occurs through paper documents.  Shredding your important personal data and documents is the best way to safeguard your identity. What and when should you shred? Always shred documents with your personal data, never throw it away in the garbage. Tax season is […]

Master Lock 7148D Storage Security Box and Master Lock Vault Review


For some, tax time is one of the least favorite times of year. Before you know it, it is April 15th. I procrastinate because I dread sorting through a mess of faded, crinkled receipts trying to decipher store abbreviations to recall purchases for which they were saved. There always seems to be missing receipts that […]

How to Teach Your Kids to Save, Give and Spend Money


A recent study concluded that American Moms have strong hopes and convictions about their family’s finances. Get a visual on how moms manage money and deal with financial pressures with this Mom Research Study Infographic. Moms find it hard to achieve a good balance for it all – college savings, retirement savings, managing day-to-day expenses […]

The Ghost of Elvis and his Jazz buddies are costing us Billions in USPS debt


I go to the post office like everyone else and buy stamps.  There are always options- flowers, Elvis, Mickey Mouse, not quite famous (now dead) jazz musicians; The options do get out of hand – Often times the SHEET of stamps is 1/2 stamps, and 1/2 extra color printing.  I just want the stamp please!  […]

Is Your Resume and Profile full of 2012 Buzzwords? Start Fresh with these Ideas


Standing out amongst other job seekers is an often difficult task – the problem is you may not know how difficult it is!  How often do you get to sift through competing resumes?  How often do you get to go in the ring against your ‘competitor’? A data scientist over at LinkedIn sifted through ‘some’ […]

Could You Be Saving 30% on Car Insurance? #TrySnapshot

Progressive Snapshot Badges

Have you ever wondered how your insurance rates are figured out? With most companies, they base policies based on age, vehicle, zip code, claims recorded, etc. Until now, you’ve been receiving rates that have nothing to do with you personally. Progressive is changing all of that with the revolutionary Progressive Snapshot. Snapshot allows drivers to […]

How I Plan to Save $44 in Gasoline in March


Have you noticed the recent increase in gasoline prices? It’s outrageous! More than $.42 cents higher than this time last year! There are plenty of ways to save money on gas, like stop driving but there are easy ways to save money if you do a little planning. I plan to save at least $44 […]