Control Spring Weeds with TruGreen for a Healthy Summer Lawn


What beautiful weather we have had these past few days. Today, we spent the entire day outside. My kids enjoyed playing baseball, soccer, on the playground, and exploring. We also pulled out the patio furniture, picked up sticks, and built a bonfire! We just love spending time in our yard, especially in the Spring after […]

Get Your Lawn Spring Ready and Enter to Win $10,000 Backyard Makeover


After the harsh Winter, we are all looking for signs of Spring, signs of hope. Vital green of lawn and blooming flowers does the soul so much good. I’m not alone 69% of Americans reported that “seeing a green lawn in springtime makes me feel hopeful.” TV host Jason Cameron has created webisodes like the […]

Preparing your Ohio Garden for Spring

spring ohio gardening

Even though the groundhog declared six more weeks of winter, most gardeners are chomping at the bit to start planting. With Ohio having cold winters and hot summers, it’s imperative to take advantage of spring and fall as much as possible, and preparing for those harsh-weather periods. As an aspiring year-round gardener, here are some […]

My Son wants to be a Moth for Halloween. Who can blame him?


In the latest of our string of taking photographs of the creepy crawlies in our yard, check out this hairy dead-leaf wing-patterned moth.  Beautifully ugly!  Any idea, on entomologist, what it is? Our household kind of got a little freaked out when we started looking at the zoomed in photographs- check it out below! But […]

Targeted, Effective Garden Watering with the Snip-N-Drip Soaker System


Mother Nature is fickle! She doesn’t always provide us with rain when our yards, plants, and gardens need it. This summer, we couldn’t turn off the hose from heaven, with more rain than any of us would have liked in mid-summer! Now we’re into October, and find ourselves still needing to water our vegetable and […]

Say Goodbye to Mosquitoes with all Natural Mosquito Repelling Granules from Dr. T’s


Nothing can ruin a fun outdoor event like a bunch of mosquitoes.  The past two summers have been particularly buggy for us.  We were looking for an effective way to combat the mosquitoes in our yard so we could enjoy being outdoors, but really didn’t want to have to resort to spreading chemicals that might […]

Please Help Me Identify This Green Leafy Insect


My front door and my garage door both seem to be magnets for the oddest bugs that crawl out of the depths of the earth, from the insides of trees and simply from the thin of the air.  It could be that I walk BY these doors the most, but I think there’s something special […]

Fruit Fly Trap that Works

Fruit Fly Trap that works

It is fruit fly season! I started finding fruit flies in my kitchen as soon as I started bringing in fresh produce from my garden, the farmer’s market, and even bananas.  I’ve never known of a solution to work better than the Soapstone Box I received to review from Gardener’s Supply Company. Garderner’s Supply Company […]

Enjoy Your Yard and Increase Curb Appeal with TruGreen


Our back yard lawn is an outdoor living room for my family and where we do most of our entertaining until it gets cold. For us, the back yard was one of the main reasons we purchased our home. We couldn’t get past the scenery. When we moved in, our yard was a mess.  Actually, […]

Enjoy Your Yard and Boost Your Home Value with TruGreen


How do you enjoy your yard? I know my kids love to run and play in our yard. We enjoy eating dinner on the back patio and just relaxing outside. We are not alone, in a recent study by TruGreen and the National Association of REALTORS, 58% of homeowners stated their #1 way to enjoy […]

There is Still Time to Garden in Ohio! Check Out Any Size, Anywhere Edible Gardening


If you missed the gardening boat earlier this Summer, fear not, there is still time. Now is the perfect time to prepare your fall vegetable garden plantings.  You can plant lettuce, spinach, kale (check out our kale chips recipe), Swiss chard, broccoli, endive, carrots, beets, herbs, Chinese cabbage, peas, radish, turnip, oats, sunflower, and more. […]

How I Watered My Plants All Summer for FREE


I love beautifying our yard with plants and flowers. We have large perennial beds in our backyard that require regular watering during the hot summer months. We also have a raised bed garden that thrives with regular watering. All those flowers, plants, and veggies needing water adds up to a higher water bill during the […]

Gardening in Style with Gardener’s Supply Company


I enjoy gardening and landscaping. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors all season long while getting a little exercise and creating a beautiful yard for my family to enjoy. I have always invested in good tools to garden with, otherwise, gardening is too labor intensive and not fun. Recently, I discovered Gardener’s […]

Your Questions About Square Foot Gardening Answered!


Square Foot Gardening is gaining popularity each year. The methods of square foot gardening are new and peculiar to many.  It is a topic with no few resources and too many questions for many. Being a gardener, I was happy to receive the Square Foot Gardening Answer Book to facilitate this review and explore the […]

Reduce Watering by 50% with EcoLiner Hanging Baskets from Avant Garden Decor


I love having flowers all over my yard!  The punches of color they provide add beauty to our property, and just make me smile.  But there is work that goes into keeping plants and flowers happy in our yards, especially with hanging plants.  Hanging plants dry out quickly, and never seem to retain enough moisture. […]