Safe, Effective, Natural Products from Logic Product Group


I am so excited to introduce you guys to some amazing products from  Logic Product Group! They really have your entire family and house covered when it comes to cleaning both your house, children, pets and self! Logic Product Group has 6 sub groups; BarkLogic, TotLogic, LiceLogic, Natural HomeLogic, BedBugLogic and InsectLogic. Each of these […]

Take Care of Your Body with Organic and Natural Feminine Hygiene Products


I am a label reader, I want to know every ingredient that comes into  my home. Are you the same way? Many products that come into our homes have ingredients listed, so why doesn’t feminine hygiene products? Seriously, these products come into very close contact with our bodies and we have no idea what is […]

EZ-Squeezees Make Packing School Lunches Easy


This is my first year having a child that will be going to school! I’m so excited to try new products that will not only make packing school lunches easy on me, but will also give Grace a healthy, well rounded meal. EZ-Squeezees are perfect for school lunches, after school lunches, for road trips or for […]

Do You Like Picnics With or Without Bees? I Love Bees!


My family enjoys going on picnics, we always have. Even when my husband and I were dating, we would go on picnics all of the time. Have you ever thought about how your picnic would look without bees to pollinate crops? Yeah, me either until I was given this image courtesy of Whole Foods. I […]

Keep America Beautiful this 4th of July #Happy4thfromStaples


Happy 4th of July! I’m sure your weekend is off to an early start today and is full of fun times with friends and family with a BBQ or two! We are so blessed to live in such an amazing country!   I received product to facilitate this post. I met a lady that my […]

Low Acid Fruit Smoothie Recipe and Why I Use Finish Power & Free


Recently, my son has developed gastritis. His stomach is a wreck and he’s on medication to calm the acid in his stomach. Besides the medication, I’ve taken a look at the food he and our family consumes. I try to provide my family with a balanced meal plan daily as well as introduce them to […]

Celebrating Earth Day with Green Toys

Green toy feature image

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is a yearly event, celebrated on April 22. Events are held all over the world to celebrate our Earth and demonstrate support of protecting our Earth. One of the ways we can support Earth Day throughout the year is by making  environmentally friendly purchases, even for our children.  Green Toys […]

Stand Up for Safer Chemicals, Join the SVG Toxin Freedom Fighters


How safe are your children in your home? Are you exposing them to untested chemicals that may cause health risks? Scientists have linked exposure to toxic chemicals to many health risks including cancer, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects, reproductive problems, and more. Did you know that less than 10% of synthetic chemicals introduced to […]

Get Name Brand Clothing up to 90% Off at thredUP

online consignment shop for women and kids

Save time, money, and be good to the planet by buying flawless consignment clothing online.  thredUP offers practically new clothing in pristine condition for kids and women with prices up to 90% off retail.  Every single item is inspected and hand-selected. Only the latest styles in pristine condition are for sale on thredUP.  Now, you […]

10 Tips for Greening Your Kids’ School Routine


We are all trying to live more conscious of being green and responsible. My kids are always super excited to ‘be green’ when they learn about it at school but then the fun of it goes away when they stop hearing about it at school. I try to live and lead a responsible life.  Below […]

Affordable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products by TerraCycle


You are probably familiar with TerraCycle as the company that uses materials like Capri Sun pouches and turns them into book bags, folders, lunch boxes, and more. They are super trendy and a cool way to upcycle. I received TerraCycle products to facilitate this post. TerraCycle also offers a new line of household cleaners that […]

Counting Fords at a Hampton Inn


We drove to Cape Cod and Plymouth, Massachusetts last month for our Summer vacation.  How beautiful!  We were able to tour around in a Ford Fusion Energi getting an unbelievable 41.3 miles per gallon over the course of the ENTIRE trip (city and highway). On our way down, we stayed a sleeping-hours short stay in […]

Buy and Sell Personalized Items for Kids (Like New & New)


Kids grow up so fast! They outgrow their clothing as well as the decor we put in the bedrooms. We pass on our hand-me-downs to friends, family, or charities. However, there are some items that can’t easily be passed down – monogrammed apparel and personalized decor. I really enjoy buying personalized items for my family, […]

How I Watered My Plants All Summer for FREE


I love beautifying our yard with plants and flowers. We have large perennial beds in our backyard that require regular watering during the hot summer months. We also have a raised bed garden that thrives with regular watering. All those flowers, plants, and veggies needing water adds up to a higher water bill during the […]

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products that Work


I have been using JAWS Eco-friendly cleaners for 2 years. I like how well they clean as well as that they save space in my cabinets and are Eco-friendly. Now through April 28, 2013, they are on sale for $2 off at Buehler’s! I was sent a sampling of JAWS to facilitate this post and […]