Make your Jewelry Shine with Asteria Jewelry Cleaner

asteria easy jewerly care

Do you have loads of jewelry? I don’t have a ton but I love costume jewelry so I have a good bit. I hate it when I wear it and it tarnishes and I have to buy those special cloths to clean it.  I am always unsure of how to get my pieces as clean […]

Save Time and Money with


Years ago, I would collect all the sales ads for local stores and drive from store to store buying the on sale items from each location, trying to save a buck. Sure, I saved a few dollars but I wasted way too much time – and gas in the car! The modern woman compares prices for […]

Stand Up for Safer Chemicals, Join the SVG Toxin Freedom Fighters


How safe are your children in your home? Are you exposing them to untested chemicals that may cause health risks? Scientists have linked exposure to toxic chemicals to many health risks including cancer, Alzheimer’s, learning disabilities, asthma, birth defects, reproductive problems, and more. Did you know that less than 10% of synthetic chemicals introduced to […]

How to Clean Down and Feather Bedding


When it comes to spring cleaning, there are a few household items that stump even the pros. Down and feather bedding is often on that list. Is it really dry clean only? Is airing it out on the clothes line enough? Will caring for it improperly make it go flat? The American Down and Feather […]

Spring Clean the Chemicals Out of Your Home with Modere


Get a jump start on Spring Cleaning by cleaning out the chemical laden products from your home and replacing them with products that are healthier and better for your home and family. One at a Time… Over the past year, I have become  more conscious of the cleaning and personal care products that come into […]

Spring Cleaning Your Floors with Kohl’s


I don’t know about your house but mine needs some serious cleaning after this harsh winter. My floors especially have seen a lot. Even though we take off our boots and shoes when we enter our house, the carpets and floors still seem to get filthy over the Winter. It doesn’t help that we have […]

Spring Cleaning and Organizing with Kohl’s


Who is ready for Spring?! We all are and I have already been bit by the Spring Cleaning bug! I started cleaning and decluttering my home, room by room. I was given the opportunity to visit Kohl’s to check out what they have to offer to help with spring cleaning and organizing and received a […]

Top 10 Moving Tips from a Mom Who Just Moved


Take a deep breath! If you are moving and have children, I completely understand the stress you may be feeling. My family just moved from Cuyahoga Falls, OH to Youngstown, OH on March 1st, 2014, without movers and without childcare! How did we do it?? There were a few things that fell in our favor […]

3 Tips to Take Your Home Off Criminals’ Most Wanted List


Our homes are sacred and at the heart of our families. We fill our homes with memories and mementos of our love: objects, photographs, food, toys, pets, books, family heirlooms and trinkets from our travels. As parents we strive to create an oasis, a safe haven for our kids where they feel nurtured during their […]

Beautiful Customizable Wall Art for Kids by Phyllis Harris

Phyllis Harris banner

When I first saw the Phyllis Harris wonderful wall art, they seemed familiar to me, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. I was reading about the artist, Phyllis Harris and saw that in addition to the books she has illustrated, her work also appeared in magazines and books Scholastic, Fisher-Price, Hooked On Phonics, […]

Brighter Beginnings for 2014 with Less Chemicals #FinishMoms


My favorite part of the New Year is that it is the perfect time for new beginnings.  The combination of stuck inside so much this Winter because of the polar vortex and the New Year has given me the cleaning bug!  I have been cleaning out closets, decluttering, donating unused items, and power cleaning like […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Luxurious Bedding from NovosBed


For special holidays like Valentine’s Day, my husband and I often like to purchase a “together” gift, something that we will both enjoy longer than a box of chocolate. Items like a new dishwasher wouldn’t count because it isn’t romantic. However, items like a new bedroom suite like we did many years ago does count. […]

The Portable Battery Charger Everyone Needs


During the recent polar vortex, I was concerned about my family’s safety. Will the pipes freeze? Will the power go out? What was that creaking sound my house was making? I usually make sure our cell phones are all charged, in case of an emergency and power outage. When it came to that, I had […]

Reusable and Microwavable Plastic Food Covers Save Time and Money


Save your leftovers and keep them fresh with a brand new plastic food cover that is reusable, microwavable and made with dishwasher safe material. I received product to facilitate this post. CoverMate Food Covers come in a variety of sizes that stretch to fit any dish shape or size. Since CoverMate Food Covers are reusable, […]

Messy Meal Clean Up Challenge with Scotch-Brite Clean Curve Dishwand


I love trying new recipes, even messy ones. I don’t like cleaning all the dishes though – who does? I throw as many items as possible in my dishwasher but the skillets, pots, pans, and casserole dishes must be hand washed.  Usually I soak everything and try to forget about them, hoping they magically clean […]