Breastfeed with Confidence with a CoVillow Breastfeeding Cover/Pillow – Get CoVillow Coupon Code


Breastfeeding your child is such an amazing opportunity and sadly at times breastfeeding in public is frowned upon in our country.  I am all for breastfeeding in public as long as it is done discreetly. When J-Girl was a baby, breastfeeding was a challenge for us but I knew that I would be open to […]

Protect your Hands with Stroller Handlebar Wraps – CityGrips Review

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If you are a mom of little ones then you know just how important your stroller is!  If you are out of the stroller stage then I am sure when you see us stroller moms you think back to how that stroller was like another appendage for those precious but busy years!  Expecting my second […]

Adopt a Dog from Mahoning County Pound and Get them Spayed/Neutered for FREE!


Rescuing dogs, really any animal for that matter, has always been close to my heart but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I was educated on how many shelters there were and how many adoptable dogs were being euthanized every day in shelters across the country.  One thing that has significantly reduced the […]

Best Casserole Recipes with 101 Cozy Casseroles Recipe Book: Review

cozy casseroles

Something about Fall and yummy casseroles goes hand in hand, am I right?!  Are you looking for the est casserole recipes to try this fall? Fall is my favorite season by far!  Not only did I got married in the Fall and my kiddos birthdays are in the Fall but I LOVE the cool breezy […]

Fashionable Protective Sunwear for Infants, Kids and Adults! UV Skinz Review

The lucky winner will be able to choose ONE UV Skinz product from their Baby Skinz, Kid Skinz lines. Good Luck!

With Summer nearly over and Fall heading into full swing around NorthEast Ohio I have been cherishing looking at the many family photos taken during this Summer.  We spent a lot of time at the pool this Summer!  Being pregnant in the Summer is not my favorite but cooling off in the pool is one […]

NUK Brand Nurtures Babies’ Smiles Best with Oral Development Product Line

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My J-Girl just stopped using the “paci” a few months ago and for  a while we were really concerned that she might take the pacifier to college with her! But really we were starting to notice that her baby teeth were being affected by using the pacifier at only naps and nighttime.  Having had braces […]

Bright Starts Sunnyside Safari Collection Portable Swing Review


Having the essential baby gear can make or break a new mom, dad and family unit the first few months with the new little bundle of joy.  Feeling prepared and knowing what baby gear is necessary and to have it all ready to go is a must for a new mom or a seasoned mom. […]

JJ Cole Collection’s Paisley Nursing and Feeding Pillow Review

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In preparation for our little boy’s arrival I have been making lists and going through J-Girl’s baby stuff to see what things I will need for this little guy.  It has been fun seeing all of J-Girls baby gear we used but also bittersweet too. I love that I can reuse the majority of our […]

Better Homes and Gardens Can It! Book Review

can it

If you are new to canning then I have a must-read book for you!  I have one or two canning recipe books but I have found my favorite!  I was asked if I wanted to review Better Homes and Gardens Can It!  Since I was planning on canning this year I jumped at the opportunity. […]

Amy Michelle Seattle Messenger Style Diaper Bag Review

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Now that we are expecting a little BOY in the Fall I have been thinking and writing down lists like crazy!  The first thing I thought about was replacing my diaper bag.  While I love my pink paisley quilted pattern diaper bag for J-Girl, it is starting to show the 3 years of wear.  While […]

Cute Children’s Alphabetown Books Review

Hannah's Homework

I think that one of the great things we can instill in our children is the love of reading books. I really cherish memories of my mom, dad and sisters reading me books growing up.  J-Girl loves to have us read books to her any time of day and I too love having that special […]

Great Father’s Day Gift Idea: SwipeTie Tie


Have you gotten the men in your life gifts for Father’s Day yet?   If you are still searching for the perfect gift I think I can help you out!  I was sent a SwipeTie from Swipe Apparel to review and it is the coolest gift idea for this Father’s Day!   If the man […]

Keep Children Safe Online with Chatman


With children being exposed to social media outlets and needing/wanting to be online playing games etc., keeping children safe online is a priority.  My hubby and I really wanted to make sure that we knew what my 9 year old step-son T-Boy would be exposed to and prevent anything inappropriate.  I have seen different software […]

Improved Expressive Manual Breast Pump by NUK

nuk expressive manual breast pump

Being a soon to be mommy of 2…yes, I am expecting!  I have been thinking about what items I will be needing for this new bundle of joy and a breast pump came to my mind right away.  Even though breastfeeding didn’t go so well with J-Girl, I still would like to make another grand […]

Bath Time is a Blast with Gerber Bathing Essentials – Terry Hooded Towel Set Review

Bath time is a special time to bond with your baby/child

Gerber is a brand that I have trusted even before I became a mom.  Being an Aunt at a young age and having 9 nieces and nephews I have given quite a few baths to kids over the years!  I love bath time, it is a perfect way to end the busy day and have […]