5 Tips for Healthy, Glowing Skin During Cold Weather


With cooler weather here, our skin can become dry and flaky in no time due to forced air heat indoors and extreme cold wind chills outside. It is time to switch up your skincare routine to have healthy, glowing skin the during cold weather of Fall and Winter. Below are a tips to avoid dry, […]

Minimize Your Scars with ScarAway

scaraway header

When I was a young child I got hurt often and have a few scars to show from it. My boys have their mothers gracefulness and fall often too. I always wished there was a product that would improve the appearance of my scars and help prevent scars on the boys. ScarAway Scar Repair Gel […]

Safe, Effective, Natural Products from Logic Product Group


I am so excited to introduce you guys to some amazing products from  Logic Product Group! They really have your entire family and house covered when it comes to cleaning both your house, children, pets and self! Logic Product Group has 6 sub groups; BarkLogic, TotLogic, LiceLogic, Natural HomeLogic, BedBugLogic and InsectLogic. Each of these […]

Take Care of Your Body with Organic and Natural Feminine Hygiene Products


I am a label reader, I want to know every ingredient that comes into  my home. Are you the same way? Many products that come into our homes have ingredients listed, so why doesn’t feminine hygiene products? Seriously, these products come into very close contact with our bodies and we have no idea what is […]

Don’t Suffer this National Eczema Awareness Month


October is national eczema Awareness Month. It is the time were many people suffering from eczema find even more dry skin problems. Eczema causes irritation, flakiness, and drying of the skin. My son and husband both suffer from a mild form of eczema and are constantly searching for relief. Finding a moisturizer that isn’t full […]

Is Your Family Prepared for an Emergency?


As parents, our number one job is to take care of our children. When disaster strikes, this job doesn’t go away, it is intensified. Is your family prepared for an emergency? Fire? Flood? Flat Tire? Worse? There are many emergency preparedness systems available online that can confuse and even scare you to the point of […]

Fun and Flirty Fashion with Candie’s at Kohl’s


Add a little fun to your fashion this Fall with the Candie’s brand, available only at Kohl’s. Show your stylish side this Fall with key fashion statements this Fall with the Candie’s brand available at Kohl’s. Bella Thorne is Candie’s girl this year and embodies all that Candie’s is: fashionable, fun, and flirty. This 16 […]

New Dawn Salon and Day Spa Covers All of Your Beauty Needs


I love to change up my look during the fall and this year was no different. Normally I just do a subtle change, but this year I wanted a big change, so I trusted my locks with the professionals at New Dawn Salon and Day Spa in Hubbard, Ohio. Owner, Jody Jones greeted me and […]

Incredible Tips For Traveling When You’re Pregnant


Planning a trip is stressful at the best of times. When you’re pregnant, though, planning a trip becomes even more difficult. Many women shy away from traveling when they are pregnant. There is no need to do so. You should not have to miss out on great experiences while you are carrying a child. You […]

No More Frumpy Moms – How to Dress Practically and Fashionably


Being a mom is a busy job. Sometimes it feels like you never stop. Dropping the kids off and picking them up again, running errands, going to work, doing the housework, walking the dog. It’s impossible to always look your best when you’re always on the move, but it would be nice to look at […]

Celebrate Ford Mustang’s 50th Anniversary with Great Colors from OPI

Ford Mustang OPI Header

I love a fresh new nail color and one of my favorite brands is OPI. For a limited time OPI has teamed up with Ford to celebrate Ford Mustang’s 50th anniversary with Mustang inspired colors. OPI is always at the forefront of new and trendy nail colors and the limited edition Ford Mustang colors are […]

Experience the New Colgate Kids Mouthwash


I was given the challenge to find a friend to test out the new Colgate Kids Mouthwash with their children. Personally, we include mouthwash in our oral hygiene routine about 1/2 the time. Unfortunately, we’ve gone in spurts and a lot of it depends on how much my kids enjoy the mouthwash! There are many […]

Slow Down and Live Intentionally with Notes from a Blue Bike


We all live busy lives. It seems that society applauds jam-packed schedules and frowns upon those that aren’t busy 24/7. I personally don’t like to be so busy that there is no time to chill with my family. We intentionally only allow our children to participate in one sport and one extra culinary activity at […]



Take a minute, think about how you feel on a day to day basis. As moms, we have a lot on our plates, balancing schedules, keeping house, perhaps a full time or part time job, and on top of that, doing our best to be the best moms and wives we possibly can be. Sometimes […]

Support Your Child’s Immune System with Culturelle Probiotics


There are 5 kids in my son’s classroom out sick today and my son just game home with a stomach ache and sore throat. It seems like everyone is already getting sick and we just started the school year! It’s no wonder our kids get sick as soon as school starts. There are over 2,300 […]