Finish Your Summer with More Fun and Less Time Cleaning


I hope you and your family have been enjoying the Summer as much as we have. I just love having my kids at home during the Summer!! We’ve been spending as much time as possible outside, enjoying the warm, sunny days at the waterpark, playground, parks, and in our backyard. Lunch and dinner is usually […]

Why Dental Checkups are Important for Kids


Just like well-visits to your child’s pediatrician, routine dental visits are important for kids and their ever changing teeth. Your child should have his first pediatric dentist visit by the age of 2 unless there is a concern earlier on. Parents should schedule a routine cleaning and exam every six months. Why Dental Checkups are […]

Keranique Hair Care for Thinning Hair


Your hair may have once been your crowing glory, but if you suffer from thinning hair you may feel more self conscious about it now. Constantly trying to part your hair to cover up a thin spot, or covering your head with hats or scarves. Maybe you have just had a baby, and the full, […]

Get Anti-Aging Treatments at Home with Silk’n FaceFX


Now that I am approaching 40, I’m really getting serious about wrinkles and taking better care of my skin. There are a million creams that promise great results but some leave my skin feeling thick and heavy. I have had the opportunity to check the the Silk’n FaceFX anti-aging device over the last couple weeks […]

Fashion Has Never Felt So Good as with Brian James Sandals


The founder of pediped shoes for children has launched a new line of shoes for women called Brian James™. I’ve written several posts for pediped, we love the comfort and style. Apparently many moms wanted the same comfort that their children were getting from pediped shoes and requested it for years. Finally, Angela Edgeworth, the […]

Pediped Flex for Summer and Back-to-School Sandals – Enter Giveaway


Whether you are shopping for a reliable pair of sandals yet this Summer or back-to-school shoes, check out the Pediped Flex. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my daughter’s Pediped Flex sandals that she has been wearing since April – they are still in fabulous shape and she wears them almost daily. I received product […]

Style and Comfort with Aerosoles Nashville Ballet Flats


I learned many years ago that style and comfort must go hand in hand when it comes to footwear for me. I use to buy shoes that were cute and worry about the support and comfort later. Or I’d buy cheap shoes that looked nice but didn’t provide proper foot care. When I was finally […]

Get Glowing Summer Skin On The Go with Pulsaderm Buddy


Our skin goes through a lot during the summer months. It is important to really get a deep clean, with sunscreen, makeup and any added dirt from playing outside with your kids. The Pulsaderm Buddy is an awesome brush to clean your face anywhere your summer plans may take you! With a great carrying case […]

How To Take Shoes from Day to Night


If you are as busy as I am, you need everything in your closet to work double duty, including shoes. I was given the challenge to buy a pair of Lauren Conrad and Rock & Republic shoes to showcase how to take shoes from day to night in exchange for a gift card. What a […]

Suffering with Hemorrhoids While Pregnant?


Wow, pregnancy really changes your body doesn’t it? It’s been 7-1/2 years since my last pregnancy but I still remember how my body didn’t feel like my body! Thankfully there are products out there for the crazy things our bodies go through that most would rather now admit to, let alone mention. As my dutiful […]

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day -UV Eye Protection

National Sunglasses Day Header

Do you wear sunglasses every time you leave the house? What about your kids do they?  Do you wear them even when it’s overcast? I didn’t until the other day. My eye doctor always talked about how it was important to do but I didn’t really understand until the other day. I attended a webinar […]

Be Carefree and Fashionable this Summer with this Peter Som Empire Dress


I am such a huge Peter Som fan now that the new DesigNation collection is at Kohl’s that I can spot others wearing his collection around town! I just love how this collection makes me feel – carefree and fashionable this Summer! I don’t wear dresses often, mostly because I don’t usually find them comfortable. […]

Dr. Oz Calls Be Skinny the Miracle Appetite Suppressant – Find Out Why


One reason dieting doesn’t work is because it is all about denying yourself what you want. We crave snacks and desserts. In fact, 27.2% of adults in the USA fall under the adult obesity rate of having a BMI of 30+. It is becoming a huge problem in the USA but traditional dieting isn’t working. […]

Give the Gift of Norelco this Father’s Day


My husband likes a clean shave. In the past, he’s used a variety of shavers – both standard and electric. He has noted to me before that for a really close shave, he has to go a day or two between shaves to get a nice close shave. I’m not a man, so I have […]

Protect Your Child’s Teeth with Tooth Sealants

Image courtesy of arztsamui /

Dental sealants provide a protective barrier on your child’s molars and premolars against tooth decay and cavities. What are Dental Sealants? Dental Sealants are a thin, plastic coating that are placed on the molars and premolars. This coating fills in the grooves – fissures – on the chewing surface. It is sometimes hard or nearly […]