Slow Down and Live Intentionally with Notes from a Blue Bike


We all live busy lives. It seems that society applauds jam-packed schedules and frowns upon those that aren’t busy 24/7. I personally don’t like to be so busy that there is no time to chill with my family. We intentionally only allow our children to participate in one sport and one extra culinary activity at […]

KIDZ BOP 26 Lets Kids Dream Big and Sing Loud


My kids love listening to the popular music of today and they can with the family friendly KIDZ BOP 26! This CD can be heard blaring in our car and at home, my kids love it because it has some of her favorite songs including Happy, Let It Go, and Counting Stars. I received product […]

A Movie for Every Mom – Moms’ Night Out


I want to be the best mom for my kids. I try everyday to be that perfect mom. I have learned over the years that everything doesn’t have to be 100% perfect to be…perfect. When my son was a baby, I struggled with trying to keep the house like it was before we had kids, […]

Do Not Forget Back to School Eye Exams #AOA


It is back-to-school time which means many forms to be filled out! Do you have your medical forms up to date? We always update our kids’ files during their annual check up with the pediatrician during the school year, however, I’ve been a slacker with a very important medical check up. My kids have never […]

How To Keep Your Kids #CyberSafe


Your child’s online safety is your responsibility. Do you know how to keep your kids CyberSafe? It is a difficult task that parents much be diligent about, teaching kids at an early age about not sharing personal information, about cyber bullying, and how to be CyberSafe. There is an online initiative called Cyber Safe by […]

25 Fun Conversation Starter Questions to Get Kids Talking


During our Spring Break in Columbus, we visited the American Girl store and had lunch at their Bistro. My daughter thought this was the best part of Spring Break. Normally, my husband would take my son somewhere else while we visit such a girly store but he was home sick. I worried that my son wouldn’t […]

Tiny Treasure Hunts are Big Fun

Tiny Treasure Hunts

Whats more fun then hunting for treasure? I don’t think there is anything more exciting especially for kids. Planning a treasure hunt can take a lot of time. Writing up clues, hiding them and then of course picking a treasure to hide. Wouldn’t you love it if everything just came in a box and all […]

Celebrate Earth Day by Exploring with Jeff Corwin


Happy Earth Day! How do you plan to celebrate? Plant a tree? That’s all I can remember as a child, we would get saplings from school and would plant them when we got home from school. My dad was a pastor, so we moved a lot. I never got to see a single tree grow […]

How Toddlers Thrive Book Review


I recently read How Toddlers Thrive by Tovan P. Klien, Ph.D. Since I had my first son, I have struggled with understanding why he was doing certain things, why did he have tantrums, is he normal etc. Now with a two year old I find I am back into those thoughts.  How Toddlers Thrive is […]

Expert Driven Premier Parenting Website for Smart Parenting – Bundoo


As moms, we search online for answers to all our parenting questions and concerns. There is information here and there and everywhere – some that can be trusted and some questionable. Other sites are great for community, being able to talk with other moms going through similar parenting issues. I have recently discovered Bundoo, an […]

Twigtale Personalized Books for Childhood Transitions and More


Do you ever wish you had guidance in explaining the difficult things in life to your child? I do! My two boys have been through a lot in their young lives, and books by Twigtale would have made so many of the transitions easier. Twigtale makes books that are written by experts but that you […]

Summer Camp for Boys Close to Ohio – Camp Rockmont

Camp Rockmont Summer Camp for Boys

What are your plans for your son this Summer? A long boring Summer in front of the TV? Consider sending your son on an adventure of a lifetime that will change him physically, socially, and spiritually at Camp Rockmont, a summer camp for boys. Boys from across the world have been choosing Camp Rockmont for […]

Yearly Exams for Teens: What Parents Need To Know From Adolescent Medical Expert, Dr. Richard Chung

Teen Health: What Parents Need To Know From Adolescent Medical Expert, Dr. Richard Chung.

From the time our kids are born, one of the main concerns we have as parents is keeping them healthy. In fact, most children’s first outing after coming home from the hospital is to the pediatricians office. And from that point on, well-checks, vaccination schedules and annual checkups become part of our parental lexicon. That’s […]

Teach Kids the Power of One Prayer with The Circle Maker for Kids


There is power in prayer. It is a truth that both adults and children need to learn and remember, especially in times of trial. My kids learned to pray at a young age over meals and at bedtime. Teaching kids to reach out to God in hard time – and good – is something we […]

Celebrate National Children’s Oral Health Month with Firefly Angry Birds Oral Products


This Month is National Children’s Oral Heath month. Oral health is very important for children all around the world, and  Firefly makes taking care our your child’s teeth fun! Their products come in a variety of themes your child is sure to love. My boys love Angry Birds so these are a prefect motivator to […]