Bibles Find Perfect Home in Easter Baskets


There is no better time than Easter to give a Bible as a gift to your children. We have enjoyed previewing Bibles for kids, teens, and adults from Zondervan. They have a Bibles with life applications for every age and gender, helping your faith grow. Bibles Find Perfect Home in Easter Baskets I can think […]

Teach Kids the Power of One Prayer with The Circle Maker for Kids


There is power in prayer. It is a truth that both adults and children need to learn and remember, especially in times of trial. My kids learned to pray at a young age over meals and at bedtime. Teaching kids to reach out to God in hard time – and good – is something we […]

Case for Christ for Kids Offers Insights for All


The best selling series Case for Christ is now available for kids ages 9-12. Case for Christ for Kids devotional book is a great way to teach children the importance of reading God’s Word daily in a relevant to kids way. I received product to facilitate this post. Case for Christ for Kids Review Kids […]

A Daybook of Grace to Draw You Near to the Heart of God


There are habits and routines that we all get into. I was traveling last week while my husband took care of our children and home. As I prepared to leave, I kept listing things that I normally do for my kids based on the day. I told my husband the days each of my kids […]

God’s Little Princess Bedtime Devotional Review


“I’m a princess,” my daughter reminds everyone. “All girls are princesses and all boys are princes, because God is our King.” God is our King, so therefor, we must be royalty as well as His children. Girls everywhere long to be real princesses with sparkly gowns, crowns make a jewels, and everything pink, pink, pink. […]

Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible for Kids Ages 4-8 Review


The Holy Bible is alive and relevant for everyone. Finding the right translation is key to fully understand the Bible at any age, this is easy with Zondervan. They offer a translation for every age, including kids ages 4-8 with the Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible. I received product to facilitate this post. Berenstain Bears Storybook […]

Would You Camouflage a Bible?


I’ve been provided with samples from two new Bible lines this season. Both from Zondervan, these NIV translations do not contain any commentary, and are strictly the Word. However the covers are a little more than standard plastic, leather, or titling, they’re kind of camouflaged to fit into a child’s backpack. I’m not sure what […]

Chasing Dreams to Where You Belong Grace Unplugged


Grace Unplugged is an inspirational story about a young, aspiring musician trying to make it on her own in the music world without living in the shadows of her dad’s success.  When Grace Trey runs off to LA to seek stardom, she must make choices on her own about her faith, family, and stardom. I […]

Inspiring I Can Read! Books for Young Readers with the Loveable Berenstain Bears


Providing your young children to books made for their reading level that is entertaining and sends a positive message is easy with ZonderKidz The Berestain Bears’ I Can Read! books. I had the opportunity to review the below books to facilitate this post. For early readers, I recommend checking out The Berenstain Bears I Can […]

Read with Me Bible Deluxe Edition, NIrV Bible Storybook Review


Every mom knows young children can be very curious and inquisitive about things, and God and the Bible are no exception.  Recently my son has asked many random questions about where people and animals came from, who took care of the first babies, good and evil, who created God, and many other questions that have […]

NIrV Early Reader Bibles for Kids Ages 6-10


You have probably heard of the NIV Bible, but have you heard of the NIrV? The “r” stands for reader. NIrV Bibles are meant for younger kids’ reading skills. They take larger words out and break them down to smaller words that kids ages 5-10 can read understand. This allows early readers to be able […]

Bibles that Kids Ages 4-7 Like to Read!


Reading the Bible can be boring or adventurous for young children. It depends on how you deliver God’s Word to them.  This post will talk about 2 Bibles that kids ages 4-7 like to read. I have found several products from Zondervan that deliver age-appropriate Bible stories and Bibles to kids based on their age […]

Happy Easter – Don’t Miss Out on the Meaning


Happy Easter! I hope that your family has a fun day together, celebrating Easter today. Like most families, we’ve enjoy Easter egg hunts and fun activities over the weekend. Our typical Easter will start with our kids waking us up early to find the Easter eggs that the Easter bunny left – filled with tons […]

Best Bible for Kids – Enter NIV Adventure Bible Giveaway


Selecting the best Bible for kids will ensure that they will get the most out of the Bible. This article reviews three kids Bibles for ages 9-12. Selecting a Bible for kids is all about finding one suited for their age level and even style. If you give a child a Bible that is designed […]

3 Kings Day 2013

© Vanessa Fitzgerald

When is 3 Kings Day 2013?  Three Kings Day is always 12 days after Christmas Day.  3 Kings Day 2013 is Sunday, January 6, 2013. 3 Kings Day is also know as The Epiphany, it is a Christian holiday that celebrates when the 3 kings (aka wise men or magi) brought gifts to the Christ […]