Add Steampunk to Your Decor with a Hybrid Ambiance Lamp


My husband has been reading a book series called Skybreakerby Kennth Oppel. It is a book about a steam-powered, lighter-than-air airship and their crew set in a slightly alternative past. Think of a time that resembles both the 19th century’s British Victorian era and the American “Wild West” and your there. The story is filled […]

Support Your Child’s Immune System with Culturelle Probiotics – Enter Giveaway


There are 5 kids in my son’s classroom out sick today and my son just game home with a stomach ache and sore throat. It seems like everyone is already getting sick and we just started the school year! It’s no wonder our kids get sick as soon as school starts. There are over 2,300 […]

Fit Made Fun with LeapFrog and CLIF Kid

LeapBand header

Fit Made Fun Day was Saturday September 6th, on that day LeapFrog set out to break a world record to get kids up and active. This is not a paid post, I received product to facilitate this post. We got to participate all the way here in Ohio.  Mom Select, LeapFrog and CLIF kids had […]

Bison Airlighter Lights Fires Faster and Safer – Enter Giveaway


My family loves cooking over an open fire, whether with our charcoal grill or a bonfire. It can take some time, patience, and occasionally lighter fluid to start the fires. This isn’t the fun part. We were just introduced to the Bison Airlighter – a revolutionary air-driven lighter that delivers 4-inch flames that ignites charcoal […]

Lower Cholesterol with Corazonas Heart Healthy Snacks


While you start packing your child’s lunches for school again, I wanted to share a little about a trustworthy company I just discovered. The company, Corazonas, creates snacks that are healthy and delicious and specifically lower cholesterol. It is amazing to me that I can decrease my risk for heart disease just by choosing to […]

Enjoy Homemade Cookies Anytime with Mom-Owned Cookie Love Bake Shop in Hudson


No dessert compares to fresh homemade cookies. It is the treat that everyone can agree on and enjoy, no matter how young or old.  We don’t all have time to bake fresh, homemade cookies for our families and that is where the Cookie Love Bake Shop in Hudson, Ohio steps in. Cookie Love Bake Shop […]

To Be A Healthy Eater, I Have A Plan with Little Blueprint


As a mom, I want my children to learn healthy eating habits early so that as they grow, not only will they be healthy and strong, but they will make good choices all on their own. I have luckily never had much of a fight when it comes to my children eating their fruits and […]

Making Feeding Easy with Beaba

Beaba header

Many parents love feeding time with their little ones. It’s often a funny, messy adventure. I loved the faces my boys made when trying new foods. Beaba makes many wonderful products to make feeding your little ones more enjoyable for both you and them. I received product to facilitate this post. Bowls and  Cutlery Kiernan […]

A Long Way Off is A Modern Day Prodigal Son Movie Worth Seeing


If you are looking for a family friendly movie with a lesson on the importance of forgiveness, family and faith, A Long Way Off is the perfect fit! A Long Way Off is a modern day story of the Prodigal Son. Youngest son, Jake, is rebellious and is looking to find himself in the big […]

Add a Little Nautical Adventure to Your Home Decor with this Octopus Framed Print


I like adding interesting decor elements to our home. We like what we like, but don’t have an exact style.  I suppose you could say our home is a bit eclectic as our interests are varied. For instance, we don’t decorate with a nautical theme but we are fascinated by the octopus. The Akron Zoo […]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars for Diabetics by America’s Best Cookbook for Kids with Diabetes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars for Diabetics

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars for Diabetics Families that have kids with diabetes may find it difficult to incorporate new lifestyle changes into their family’s meal plan. Cookbooks like America’s Best Cookbook for Kids with Diabetes provide recipes good for diabetics because the recipes help keep the blood glucose levels within the target range. The recipes […]

Easy No-Mess Craft Activity with Beados


My daughter loves crafts but I hate the mess. Plus, I’m not crafty by nature so I find it difficult to come up with a craft on my own. We were just introduced to Beados, a no-mess craft activity that allows kids to make adorable designs with just beads and a spray of water! We […]

Make Teething Easier with Teether Tops

Teether tops header

So far all of my children have had a horrible time cutting those darned baby teeth. As a parent we just want to make them feel better and see them smile again. I had to settle for frozen washcloths, but not anymore. Our new baby will be using Teether Tops to make it though those […]

KIND Back to School Snacks are #kindawesome


With back-to-school season comes the need for on-the-go snacks. There are many snack options for kids throughout the day from vending machines to school cafeteria snacks to the snacks you send. I have found that the best way to ensure my kids are enjoying healthy snacks is to send plenty to school with them so […]

KidzzFarm Fun with Animal Toys

Kidzz Farm

Do your children like animals? My boys adore them! Kids like to stay active and be creative, with KidzzFarm they can do just that. KidzzFarm makes two great toys for kids, but leaves you with lots of options to fit your child. I received product to facilitate this post. Animal Fun Bath Toys All KidzzFarm […]