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Akron Ohio Moms will occasionally publish content from exciting partners. Only 100% original content is considered. We limit the number of guest posts to ten percent or less of our overall publishing goals. Articles must be relevant to our audience.

Location, Location, Location


Location, location, location… you know it matters in real estate, but it also really matters with food. Where and what kind of food is in your home or work environment greatly impacts what you eat and how much. Hunger often has little to do with many of our food choices! Here’s what you need to […]

Retreat to Ellenborough Park Near Cheltenham Racecourse of Downton Abbey


Ellenborough Park, a 16th Century luxury manor house in the heart of the Cotswolds, is a retreat that will not disappoint whether you are traveling as a couple, with family or with friends. Adjacent to the famous Cheltenham Racecourse of Downton Abbey. Ellenborough Park boasts 62 rooms and suites, a world-class spa and two fabulous […]

10 Tips for Camping with Kids


When you are making the decision to go camping, it can be quite a feat to remember each and every thing you need. Add in children to the equation and that list (and the chance you might forget one or two things) increases dramatically! We’ve come up with a few things you won’t want to […]

6 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car


Whether it’s summer or winter, you can never be too prepared if your car breaks down. We’ve prepared a list of six things you should always keep in your car in case of large and small emergencies. 1. Emergency Preparedness Kit – Hurricanes, floods, ice storms or tornadoes are no match for the Coghlan’s Emergency […]

Local Summer Camp Gives Kids the Chance to Perform Like Superstars


If your family is anything like mine, you find yourselves around the dinner table talking about who you’d like to see as the next American Idol, or which judges turned their chairs around on The Voice, or which American really does “got talent.” The popularity of these shows is turning my kids into little performers […]

Travel Makes Kids Smarter


Let me begin with this disclaimer: I am looking for any excuse to travel with my daughter. Some of the most wonderful memories I have with my 17-year-old, Katie, have been our trips together. So when I heard there was a new study that claimed…eh hem, I mean proved that travel helps boost intelligence and […]

New Spring Cleaning Task: Protect Your Identity in 6 Steps


A clean and well organized home is what we all strive for when we think of spring cleaning, but these days there should be more involved in this annual tradition. Living in the digital age, it’s a good time to also clean up and put order to sensitive documents on your computer as well as […]

Colorectal Cancer: Symptoms, Early Detection, and Ways to Lower Your Risk


Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon and/or rectum, and is the second most common cancer among men and women, affecting one in every 20 Americans.  These numbers may seem bleak, but with constant improvements in prevention, early detection and treatment options, more than one million Americans count themselves as survivors. Lower Risk of Colorectal Cancer […]

How to Clean Down and Feather Bedding


When it comes to spring cleaning, there are a few household items that stump even the pros. Down and feather bedding is often on that list. Is it really dry clean only? Is airing it out on the clothes line enough? Will caring for it improperly make it go flat? The American Down and Feather […]

3 Tips to Take Your Home Off Criminals’ Most Wanted List


Our homes are sacred and at the heart of our families. We fill our homes with memories and mementos of our love: objects, photographs, food, toys, pets, books, family heirlooms and trinkets from our travels. As parents we strive to create an oasis, a safe haven for our kids where they feel nurtured during their […]

Preparing your Ohio Garden for Spring

spring ohio gardening

Even though the groundhog declared six more weeks of winter, most gardeners are chomping at the bit to start planting. With Ohio having cold winters and hot summers, it’s imperative to take advantage of spring and fall as much as possible, and preparing for those harsh-weather periods. As an aspiring year-round gardener, here are some […]

Quick and Easy Flu Prevention Tips for Busy Moms


Guest post by Keri Peterson, MD. Dr. Keri Peterson is a spokesperson on behalf of The Clorox Company. It can be hard to remember to practice good health guidelines while juggling a busy schedule.  But with flu activity currently widespread in Ohio, it is more important than ever to follow simple steps to help prevent […]

6 Tips for a Stress-Free New Year’s Eve Party


We are all focused on Christmas, but New Year’s Eve is around the corner too! No need to stress with the follow 6 Tips for a Stress-Free New Year’s Eve Party! 6 Tips for a Stress-Free New Year’s Eve Party Don’t over-do the menu: While having an extensive Holiday Party Menu seems like a good […]

Winter Festivals that are Sure to Delight for Akron Families


When cold weather sets in, we’re more likely to hunker close to home and less likely to be out socializing. That’s what makes winter-time festivals so much fun – they provide a chance to get out and see our friends and neighbors and meet new friends. Here are some of the most popular celebrations for […] A Homepage Reimagined


We read about the search for the now infamous face on the website, and how ‘Adriana’ is not a face that anyone can find.  We thought it might be fun to reimagine the face of the website with a male character, who maybe easier to understand.. Please share! A Homepage Reimagined – What the […]