What is the best store-bought guacamole? Yucatan Guacamole Product Review

Have you ever had a really good, fresh guacamole but never been able to find anything similar at the grocery store? Did you know that most guacamole found at your grocery store is made up of only 7% Avocado? I was stunned when I found out, that’s why they don’t taste as good. There’s only one company that gives you real, authentic guacamole with 95% Avocado and that is Yucatan Foods.

Picture of a Avocado Guacamole Field

Hands On Review of Guacamole

I was thrilled to have the chance to review and have a little guacamole party! Our kit (the same one that we are giving away below) came with 2 large containers of Guacamole, 2 containers of Avo-Hummus, a bag of Trader Joe’s Tortilla Chips, and a fun Yucatan burlap bag with bamboo handles.

After my daughter’s Christmas program, our family came over to visit. We pulled out the Guacamole and  Avo-Hummus for them to try. My husband and I enjoy guacamole and hummus and so do our kids, ages 3 & 5. However, my parents and my in-laws had never tried guacamole before and a couple hadn’t tried hummus either. A little reluctant, they tried it…and liked it! Everyone liked both the Guacamole and the Avo-Hummus. Can you believe it?

They never picked it up at the grocery store before because they didn’t know what it was. I think sometimes people just need an opportunity to try something and then they are hooked.

I’m a big fan of guacamole, we’ve even (unsuccessfully) tried to make home-made guacamole. I like that Yucatan guacamole is made up of about 5 avocados per container and all natural ingredients. It is a hearty guacamole with chunks of avocado and seasoned just right. I thought it was on the spicier side compared to guacamole that I’ve tried before. Everyone ate it up!

picture of Yucatan Guacamole

Yucatan Guacamole

We like hummus but have never tried Avo-Hummus before. It was a delicious combination of 50% guacamole and 50% classic hummus. It makes for a much creamier hummus with full flavor. We enjoy hummus with flour tortillas as hummus wraps as well as just with tortilla chips. The Yucatan website has some great recipes that incorporate their products.

picture of Yucatan Guacamole & Hummus

Yucatan Guacamole & Hummus

The Yucatan Guacamole kit that I received had fun mustache stickers included. Everyone was ok with putting them on just for fun until the camera rolled out.  ha ha Since then, we’ve had fun wearing mustaches around the house and even to Subway once, just for fun!

picture of Authentic Yucatan Guacamole Lovers

Authentic Yucatan Guacamole Lovers

If you are looking for something yummy and different to take to a party this holiday season, consider bringing some good guacamole and avo-hummus. It is a much better option that the boring cheese and cracker tray.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Yucatan for providing the products for  review & giveaway  through MommyPR.

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