Facebook Giveaway Promotion Rules change for Mom Blogs

Just when we were getting used to the rules, things change!  As of yesterday, Facebook put a stop to the promotion of giveaways and contests and sweepstakes from blogs like ours.  You can see the new rules link here.

What new Facebook Rules Mean for mommy bloggers

What this means for us is that we will no longer be accepting Facebook Friends LIKES for extra entries for our contests and giveaways, and we will no longer be announcing our Contests and Giveaways on Facebook.  We’ll take them down as soon as we can for the existing giveaways…

It’s kind of sad though, we’ve really really liked using Facebook in this way.  We have the OPTION of learning a new world of Facebook APPS to run giveaways, but that’s a little ways down the line.

How to monitor our blog for new giveaways, since you can’t on Facebook

  1. You can  follow us on Twitter – every giveaway is posted there.  Our recommendation: is to use the Firefox Web Browser and download an Add-On called Echofon to see our tweets pop up!
  2. Once a month we send out a list of all our giveaways to our Google Friends Connect Followers
  3. Enter your email address on the brown box on this page labeled: Don’t Miss a Thing — Get AOM in your Inbox! and receive every one of our latest posts on our site in a daily listing.
  4. Grab our RSS feed and put it into your Google Home Page, or Yahoo Home Page-find out more in the link!
  5. Just assume that we will be bringing you new giveaways large and small ALMOST every day, and check back often:)

Does this mean you won’t be using facebook much anymore?

Absolutely not! Facebook is a great way to share information about local happenings, information, holiday lists, mommy stuff and product reviews, so please stay our friends;) We might separate our reviews from our contest pages in the future- which might be just one of the reasons we switched to a new entry form method earlier this week!

AND PLEASE Still continue to LIKE our contests and giveaways on Facebook!  Just because WE can’t promote it, doesn’t mean you can’t share the giveaways that you like best with your friends.  Obviously, liking our giveaways in no way will help or hinder your chances of winning a giveaway.

Obviously this kind of hurts us, and 1000s of other mommy blogs, how do you feel about it… Comment below!


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