picture of Infinity Towel Warmer by WarmlyYours

WarmlyYours Towel Warmer

I have always been the type that likes to receive and give gifts that will have a long lasting benefit, far past the holiday. Instead of giving your mom something this Mother’s Day that will be enjoyed for a day or two, then gone, consider something that will give mom the spa-like treatment she deserves year round. WarmlyYours has a suite of solutions to help Mom de-stress and relax on Mother’s Day and all year long.

Going to the spa for Mother’s Day is fantastic for the day, however, having the luxury of the spa in your home year-round is the ultimate gift. I’m talking about the luxurious Towel Warmers from WarmlyYours. Each time your mom steps out of the shower or bath, she will be wrapped with tranquility and relaxation of a spa. There is no question, this is what mom wants for Mother’s Day!

WarmlyYours Infinity Towel Warmer Review

WarmlyYours has a beautiful selection of towel warmers to fit any decor, each with an elegant look and feel of a spa. We were able to review the Infinity Towel Warmer this Mother’s Day. Let me tell you, it is the kind of gift that is just as enjoyable to give as it is to receive. My mother-in-law is such a gem, always there for everyone with love, hospitality, and even a helping hand with home remodeling! I was happy to offer her the Infinity Towel Warmer for Mother’s Day. She was ecstatic when we opened it and has done nothing but go on and on and on about how much she enjoys it.

The Infinity Towel Warmer is offered in a brushed stainless steel with 10 sleek bars. It is so elegant and so versatile to fit any decor. My in-laws put it in place of their old towel bar, it fit perfectly on their wall. It measures 23 5/8” Wx 32” H x 4 3/4” D. Now, they can enjoy fresh, warm, dry towels anytime. You can even put your robe on the towel warmer to warm. Talk about spa luxury in your own home!

Installing Infinity Towel Warmer (Hardwired)

The Infinity Towel Warmer is offered in both hardwired or the plug-in version. Hardwired is great for new construction or with a remodel project, the plug-in version is simple for existing construction. With my father-in-law being a contractor, I decided the hardwired version would be best for them. If you run into any questions, there is always the lifetime 24/7 technical support and it is backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

WarmlyYours provides detailed instructions on how to install the Infinity. First, they removed their own towel bars. Next, they checked for plumb and level on the towel warmer.

picture of Checking for plumb and level on the towel warmer

Checking for plumb and level on the towel warmer

Then, they attached the towel warmer wall connectors with a screwdriver.

picture of Attaching wall connectors to install towel warmer

Attaching wall connectors to install towel warmer

Next, they fastened the connectors to the towel warmer. WarmlyYours states that if you can hang a picture on the wall, you can install a towel warmer, especially if it is the plug-in version.

picture of Fastening the connector to the towel warmer

Fastening the connector to the towel warmer

Next, they attached the towel warmer to the power supply. If you choose the Infinity Plug-in version, skip this step. It comes with a 6′ long cord that plugs into a standard 120V outlet.

Check out the beautiful, installed WarmlyYours Infinity Towel Warmer.

picture of Installed WarmlyYours Infinity Towel Warmer

Installed WarmlyYours Infinity Towel Warmer

The Infinity Towel Warmer comes with a Programmable Timer Control. You can program your warmer to automatically turn on and off based on your schedule. You can set up to 7 on/off sequences for the different schedules you have throughout the week. Or, you can simply keep it on at just $.15 cents a day. It does take 3 hours to fully warm towels, so you can’t just pop it on for a quick shower. There is an option to manually turn the unit on or off, without the programmable timer control as well. The LCD also shows the day and time.

The one thing I would enjoy most with the towel warmer is of course the warmth of  100 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit but in 2nd place would be the end of damp, musty smelling towels. Oh, and don’t let the temperature scare you off, it’s not going to burn your hands (or your kids) to touch and it won’t run up your electric bill either, it cost just about $.15 cents a day to use.

picture of WarmlyYours Infinity Towel Warmer

WarmlyYours Infinity Towel Warmer at work

When we start the remodel on our master bathroom, one of WarmlyYours Towel Warmers will be on my wish-list. Just this one item can turn the ordinary into a spa-like retreat, just what every mom truly needs and deserves. Don’t you agree? :)

You can buy the WarmlyYours Infinity Hardwired Towel Warmer on the WarmlyYours Website for $369.

Infinity Plug-in Towel Warmer

The Infinity Plug-in Towel Warmer offers all the benefits of the hardwired version but with the convenience of plugging it in to a standard 120 volt outlet. It warms in minutes. It is lightweight and easy to install on just a single stud.

You can buy the WarmlyYours Infinity Plug-in Towel Warmer on the WarmlyYours Website for $349.

Other WarmlyYours Gifts for Mother’s Day and your home

One thing that a lot of moms have in common are cold feet. When I worked outside the home, I sat at a desk all day with freezing cold feet. I would a space heater on all day long, winter and summer. Even at home, my feet are so cold. We have several heaters that we move from room to room to supplement our heat in rooms that are just colder than others.  The next 2 items warm up not only your feet but the living space around it.

WarmlyYours Under Area Rug Warmers

Do you have a room that needs a little extra heat and warmth? Hate lugging around unsightly and sometimes dangerous portable room heaters? (My hands are raised!)  WarmlyYours Under Area Rug Warmers are designed to add extra comfort and warmth to any room. No installation is required either. Simply plug the area rug warmer into a standard 120 volt outlet. It measure just just 1/4″ thick, so nobody will ever see it underneath your favorite area rug.

This is a quick and easy solution to warm up a room without adding unsightly or dangerous heaters that cost so much to run. I can specifically see us adding this to our living room and possibly our kids bedrooms for added warmth.

picture of WarmlyYours Under Area Rug Warmer

WarmlyYours Under Area Rug Warmer

You can buy the WarmlyYours Under Area Rug Warmer on the WarmlyYours Website for $698

WarmlyYours Under Desk Heaters

I cannot work if I’m freezing. My husband hates it when I use a electric space heater when we work in the office together because it burns him up! The WarmlyYours Under Desk Heaters is the perfect Mother’s Day gift or gift for women in general who are typically cooler than men. It is perfect for the office or home. Put it by your desk or favorite chair. It simply plugs into a standard outlet and uses less than 120 watts. It cost a fraction of the energy required by space heaters. The savings will pay for the heater in no time.

I could really use one of these under my office desk, especially in the winter!  I like that I can use this heater even during warmer months when I am just a little more chilled than my  husband.

picture of WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater

WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater

You can buy the WarmlyYours WarmlyYours Under Desk Heaters in 2 sizes on the WarmlyYours Website for $89-139

Win WarmlyYours Infinity Plug-in Towel Warmer (Cl0sed)

Updated: 6/1/11 Winner Announced: Congratulations, R Hicks!

WarmlyYours is generously offering one lucky mom their own Infinity Plug-in Towel Warmer ($349)!  Perfect for you or your mom!

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