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Moms can trust their tap water again with Zuvo Water Filtration System Review

We all know the importance of drinking water. As a mom, I want to be sure my kids are drinking healthy, clean water.  We’ve been stuck in a cycle of not feeling safe drinking our tap water, feeling guilty about buying wasteful bottled water, and in the end not drinking enough water.

Zuvo Water Purator in Action

Zuvo Water Purator Water Filtration System Hands-On Review

I’ve been one of those moms buying bottled water for my family because I felt it was the safest water for them. We moved several months ago to a home with a well. This well provides us with what my son calls “country water”. You never know if it is going to be clear, always know it will smell, and never want to taste it. We have whole house filters but it is still not pleasant. I eagerly jumped at the offer to review the Zuvo Water Purator.

Installing this unit couldn’t be easier. I was able to install the Zuvo in less than 5 minutes. Just pop off your aeration nozzle and gasket and attach the diverter valve.

picture of Pull Zuvo Diverter Valve for clean, healthy water

Pull Zuvo Diverter Valve for clean, healthy water

My unit sits right on the counter and is connected to the faucet with 2 cords. You can also mount the unit under the cabinet with a kit. It’s an attractive unit in brushed steel so I’m fine with the limited space it takes. Plus, with kids, they love to see the UV Light when it’s running.

Picture of Zuvo UV Light kills 99.9% Microorganisms

Zuvo UV Light kills 99.9% Microorganisms

On with the product testing. First, I filled a glass with regular tap water so we could do a side by side comparison. To use the Zuvo Water Purator, turn on the cold water, pull out the diverter. The water will go through the filtration process which includes ozonation and UV light exposure, more on this later. You’ll see the bright blue UV light come on and the water circulate through the system and right back through the cord connected to your faucet. Out comes cleaner, healthy water. No country water in sight! Compared side by side, the Zuvo water is clear. Tasted side by side, the Zuvo water taste better. Smell tested side by side, the Zuvo had no odor. This product is amazing!

As a home owner, you will see, taste, and smell the difference with a Zuvo Water Purator Water Filtration System. There was a remarkable difference between our tap water and the Zuvo filtered water! I was amazed. For the first time, my kids drank our water. My son said “it taste like city water, not country water”. This is a huge compliment for Zuvo coming from a 5 year old that has refused to even brush his teeth with our tap water.

Are you giving your kids safe, healthy water?

Did you know that your tap water (well or city) may contain lead, parasitic cysts, non-pathogenic micro-organisms, and unhealthy levels of chlorine?  This doesn’t sound like something we should be giving our kids!  Bottled water isn’t a safe, healthy water option either. In fact with bottled water you have to worry about the chemicals from the bottles leaching into the water, plus they don’t even have to follow the same safety guidelines as public water.

Generally, adults are recommended to drink 8 8-oz glasses daily and kids 4-6 glasses. Water affects our entire bodily functions including our immune system, growth, and brain development. How can we know if we are providing healthy, clean water for our kids?

  • Did you know that too much chlorine in your water can cause dry skin and give your water a poor taste? Zuvo reduces the chlorine 99.5%
  • Did you know that microbial cycts comes from animal waste in source water and can cause gastrointestinal illnesses? Zuvo reduces microbial cycts by 99.9%
  • Did you know that particulates comes from suspended solids and could lead to liver and kidney problems? Zuvo reduces particulates by 99%.
  • Did you know that lead can come from corrosive household plumbing and cause delays in your kid’s development, kidney problems, and high blood pressure? Zuvo reduces lead by 99%

Why Zuvo Water Purator  Filtration System can provide your family with safe, healthy water

Zuvo has a filtration process unlike any other, it mimics nature. In nature, ozone is created by lightning and cleans up the air when rain forms. The sun provides UV radiation to purify water vapor. The earth is a giant filtration system. I feel like I’m back in 4th grade Science class! The system is simple, it works in nature, and Zuvo copied nature in their Zuvo Water Purator.

The Zuvo Water Purator Filtration System is a 5-step process.

  1. Ozonation is when the ozone mixes with your tap water to treat taste and odor – kinda like chlorine does but with no chemical residue.
  2. Ultraviolet Light Exposure kills 99.9% of microorganisms that we don’t even want to think about entering our kids’ bodies!
  3. Photo-oxidation is when the Ozone and UV Light works together rapidly in a confined area to treat contaminants and microbes.
  4. The Activated Carbon Filtration with Lead Removal happens when the water passes through a Class 1 Particulate Reduction Filter to reduce chlorine taste & odor, lead, and tiny particles.
  5. Lastly, the water is exposed to the UV light during the Post Filtration UV for maximally treated water.

Zuvo Water is less expensive than other water filtration solutions

The price of this unit is $299.99. This is a very affordable solution to obtaining healthy, clean drinking water for your family for years to come. Want proof? Check out the chart below and compare it to bottled water and other filtration systems. At the end of 2 years, you’ll spend $360 with this unit, compare that with $2,364 with bottled water! With the unit, they will even give you an extra filter so you are set for the first year.

picture of Zuvo Affordable Healthy Water Filtration

Zuvo water filtration compared to others

Zuvo Water Purator Water Filtration System is good for the planet

Besides providing healthy, clean water for your family, Zuvo is good for the planet. Plastic bottles are not good for the planet, over 1.5 million tons of plastic waste is created every year from bottled water. What a visual! Even plastic pitcher filters create more than 25 filters per year per family of waste. With Zuvo, you only use 2 filters and they can be recycled!

picture of Zuvo Water Purator is safe for the environment

Zuvo Water Purator is safe for the environment

I really like the peace of mind that Zuvo has given me. I also like not wasting my time and money buying bottled water for my family. I feel confident in the 5-step filtration process. I can see the clarity of my water now, we enjoy the improved taste, and I don’t have to hold my breathe so I don’t smell the water I’m drinking! The Zuvo Water Purator Filtration System is an affordable solution to improve the quality of your drinking water too. Even ‘city water’ contains contaminants and microbes. I like that my kids are drinking more water now, which is essential for development. We will be keeping this product for use in our Total House Remodel. I’m here to tell you that Moms Can Trust their Tap water Again with the Zuvo Water Filtration System.

Buy a Zuvo Water Purator Water Filtration System

You can buy your own Zuvo Water Purator on the Zuvo website store risk free for 60 days for $299.99. Or buy it on Amazon.com by clicking the link below.

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