STRUTZ – Arch Support Without Shoes- Review

Ugh! The whining!  My husband constantly complains about his feet hurting!  Its getting to be a real problem, to the point that we are not able to be as active outdoors as we use to be. :( So we’ve been looking for short term and long term solutions to this pain. Actually he doesn’t whine too much, suffers in silence mostly. We need a solution though, for quality of life, and to get some work done around the house!!!

He’s tried massaging insoles, and those have been really great at keeping his feet ‘happy’.  But they’re not there to fix his apparent arch-less-ness.

‘FEET’ on Review of SOLE ANGEL Human Shock Absorbers from STRUTZ

So, the opportunity came up to try out Sole Angels from Strutz -so he/we did. These little cushions wrap around your foot with elastic and, as their marketing lingo says “provide instant relief to sore, achy feet”.  What it does is place a soft cushion right behind the ball of your foot and basically helps support your arch.  To be right to it- they do exactly that- they help keep your foot arched so your weight is distributed more appropriately.  He’s been trying them out for 2 weeks.

STRUTZ Arch Support with Package

STRUTZ Arch Support with Package (they come in pairs)

Sole Angel STRUTZ

Looking inside a Sole Angel to see the cushion.

STRUTZ SOLE ANGELS are Similar to Orthotics Without Shoes

OK, I’m NOT a PODIATRIST.  BUT this is my opinion: whether you have custom orthotics, shoe inserts you buy from Dr. Scholl’s, or something ‘custom’ sized form a Good Feet Store, those are all orthotics that you wear IN YOUR SHOE.  You can swap them between your shoes, and even ‘wear around the house’ shoes, but, to be honest- that never works.  Shoes in the house can #1 be messy, and #2 can feel too rigid and formal.  The absolute most beautiful thing about Sole Angels is that you can wear them without shoes!! Because the elastic band wraps around your foot and really really really does stay in place- your the arch supporting cushion stays with you when you’re in just your socks.  Mind you its winter and they haven’t been tried barefoot- but anything without shoes is a great tool! Oh wait, I just looked at their website- they have another product Strutz Beach Walker, that is Made for the beach/barefeet- outstanding!!

Placement of STRUTZ

You wear STRUTZ near the front of your arch.

Strutz on a foot

This is where STRUTZ holds tight and creates the arch cushion

How long do STRUTZ last?

We’ve had STRUTZ in the house for two weeks.  The cushion pad has had its break in period, and is has about 90% of the strength it had on day one, and probably 95% of what it had on day 2.  So I’m very happy with how its ‘holding up’.  The fabric is treated with an anti-microbial agent and helps prevent odor- and we haven’t had to wash them yet.  Instructions say wash with soap and water and keep them out of the washing machine.  There’s also a 100% guarantee on the product which is really hard to argue with- if you’re not satisfied you can send them back- and they are so small- shipping would cost next to nothing.

Last Words and Recommendation

As a blogger, our family gets to try out a lot of products.  Hands down, had we known about these SIMPLE devices 6 months ago, we would have bought them.  They really work, and they work without shoes– which is everything.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Strutz who provided the products for review & giveaway.

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