How to be Safe Shopping Online

How to be Safe Shopping Online

We are all gearing up for holiday shopping. When shopping online, you need to understand how to be safe shopping online because security and safety can become an issue. Here are some tips on how to be safe shopping online by George Otte, the CEO and Founder of Geeks On Site.

  1. Use your Credit Card, not a Debit Card
    • Credit Cards offer more protection against fraud than debit cards.  You are only liable up to $50 with a credit card as long as you report the fraud with 30 days. With your Debit Card, it is more difficult to get refunded and sometimes you’ll only get a partial refund
  2. Shop from known retailer’s websites
    • Verify the website address in the address bar.
    • If you use a search engines, you may be re-directed to scam or spoofed websites. These spoofed websites look exactly the same as the original website, to trick you.
  3. Update your System
    • Use the latest brand named browser available for you system, like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
    • Be sure your antivirus or antimalware is updated to prevent fraud.
    • Browsers and antivirus programs will offer some type of verification of websites, making sure they are the original website and not a spoofed one.
  4. Shop at home
    • Hackers have access to Public LANs and WIFI networks, such as libraries, cyber-cafes, airports or even work computers.  They could be tapping into your personal information with malware. Always do your online shopping from at home or via a secure network.
  5. Don’t save your information online
    • Although it is convenient to save your name, address and Credit Card number online, there is a chance that the company with your informaiton could have a data breach. Then your information could be available to hackers. Always enter your information every time and don’t save it in a server which you don’t have control over.

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