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Protect your car from spills and stains with Scotchgard Auto Fabric Carpet Protector: A Review

It has been a long, harsh winter in Ohio. My car has seen much better days, who wants to be outside in 22 degree weather cleaning their car? Clean less when you use Scotchgard Protectors!  Scotchgard has a solid reputation for their excellent cleaning and protection products for the carpet, upholstery, and there is even a Scotchgard Auto selection of products.

With anything, the better you maintain something, the longer it will last and age well. If you want to keep that new car look and feel of your car, Scotchgard can help you.  I was sent a bottle of Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector to check out. With our cold winter, I’m still waiting on the chance.  Since I’ll have to keep windows open to let it air out, now is not the time to do this. However, I am eager to try the protector out. The Scotchgard Auto protector protects your fabric, carpet, floor mats, and more from spills that lead to stains.

picture of Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector

Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector

For instance, my daughter spilled her Strawberry Fruitopia from McDonald’s today on her car seat and back seat. Lovely.  Had I already used the protector, I would know there was an invisible barrier that wouldn’t allow the stain to settle and absorb into the fabric, but I don’t. So, I have to work a lot harder to get the stain out hard and throw the car seat cover in the washer. You know how difficult washing a car seat cover is, you have to take the entire seat apart with screwdrivers and all!

First, it is best to use the Scotchgard protectors on new or newly cleaned items. The Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector can be used on Upholstery, Carpet, Floors, Car Seats, and Floor Mats. It will leave a barrier to repel liquids (like Fruitopia), blocks tough stains, and resists soiling. 1 bottle will cover the average backseat, not too bad for the protection it gives your car! Every mom needs this stain protector! How about spraying it throughout the entire house?! They do have that too!

So, back to our cars. Did you know that the average American spends 233 hours in their car every year? Wow, that is a long time! Keep it clean with a product like Scotchgard™ Carpet & Fabric Cleaner. Then, protect it with one of the auto interior protectors like Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector. You might as well enjoy your time in the car if you are going to be in it that long!

You can buy Scotchgard auto products nationwide at Target, Lowes, and online at Amazon.com.

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Win Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector (Closed)

Updated: 2-11-11 Winner Announced: Connie Black

Scotchgard is giving you the chance to win a bottle of Scotchgard Auto Fabric & Carpet Protector.

Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on February 6, 2011 when a winner will be drawn at random and announced the next day. When commenting, please include your email address (not visible to public). I will notify the winners and they will have 36 hours to respond!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Scotchgard who provided the products for review & giveaway.

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