picture of ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher with Spigout, Filter, & TDS Meter

ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher Review

Do you love the taste of bottled water but feel guilty about polluting earth with all of the plastic bottles? I know I do! I found a filter pitcher that will solve both issues. ZeroWater provides “the only filtered water that meets the FDA definition for purified bottled water”! It literally removes 100% of detectable dissolved solids giving you purified water from your tap! Plus, you are not tossing bottles into the landfills and can even recycle the filters!

TDS Meter test contaminant levels in your water

The ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher comes with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter to test your water before and after using the filter. The TDS meter will tell you what contaminant level your tap water is and how long you can expect the ZeoWater filter to last.

My straight tap water was over 900 TDS! This is beyond the Extreme Level of contaminants and off the charts for the ZeroWater TDS meter. Having a 900 TDS level makes me very concerned about what my family is consuming! However, when I use another tap filtration system that uses ultra-violet technology, the contaminant level is just down to less than 200 which is the typical or normal range. This is what I give my kids to drink and it taste fine. However, it does contain contaminants that could be harmful for my family, including lead. With a 300 level, the ZeroWater filter will give me 25-40 gallons of purified water. Although I could use the ZeroWater with my straight 900 TDS water, it would use up the filter more quickly so I choose to run it through my UV light to get the 300 level first. Most homes are at the 300 TDS level to begin with.

After using the ZeroWater pitcher, I tested the water with the TDS meter and immediately had a 003 level! The next time through, it was 000. As a mom, I feel great giving my kids water with a 000 Contaminant Level! With a 000 level, it meets the FDA definition of purified bottled water and contains no known municipalities. My kids love drinking this water.

picture of ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher with Spigout, Filter, & TDS Meter

ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher with Spigout, Filter, & TDS Meter

See it to believe it, it’s not bottled water it WAS my nasty well water

My son and I are the most picky when it comes to drinking our well water. My son would not drink anything but bottled water and would let us know if we tried to ‘trick’ him into drinking our well water. He can tell the difference. With the ZeroWater, he thinks he is drinking bottled water! After seeing me use tap water in the pitcher, he was skeptical. After trying it, he liked it! My 5 year old had to see it to believe it was our well water and not purified water! Do you know what you are giving your kids to drink?

I thought you might want to see it to believe it too. I had a couple friends test my straight tap water. Straight, my tap water is OVER the extreme level for contaminants, it taste nasty and smells like sulfur. My kids and I never drank it and my husband tolerated it.

picture of ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher Hands On Test

ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher Hands On Test

See the looks on their faces when they test my straight 900 TDS contaminant level tap water.

picture of They don't like my 900 TDS Contaminant Level Tap Water

They don't like my 900 TDS Contaminant Level Tap Water

Check out the video to see if they liked the ZeroWater!

Benefits of ZeroWater for your family and the planet

Your family will save money with ZeroWater. Typical bottled water cost an average of $2.50 – $8 per gallon. ZeroWater runs about 50 Cents per gallon! Unlike bottled water, there is no risk of PVC plastic leaching into your water with ZeroWater pitchers.

ZeroWater is good for the environment. The typical household can save 2,800 plastic PET bottles from landfills by switching to ZeorWater. Unlike other filters that you toss, with ZeroWater, you can recycle your old filters. Simply mail your old filter to them and they will even send you a $5 coupon to offset the shipping and save you money on your next filter. What a deal! Save the environment and save you money!

What we like best about ZeroWater

What we like best about ZeroWater is that we are consuming clean, healthy water and More of it! We all know the importance of drinking enough water but if you water taste “funny” even adults shy away from drinking enough, let alone kids! ZeroWater provides crisp, clean, and refreshing water from your tap! I love that my family is drinking more water now and that I know there are no contaminants to harm them. I also like the spigout feature on the bottom of the pitcher so I can either pour from the top of the pitcher or push the spigout to pour the water.

Buy ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher

You can buy the ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher with Electronic Tester and Filter Included at many major retailers including Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It can also be found online at retailers including Amazon.com. Click below to order your pitcher and extra Replacement Water Filters now!

Win ZeroWater 8 Cup Filter Pitcher Giveaway (Closed)

Updated: 7/9/10 Winner Announced: Congratulations, Julie Jones, you won! You have 36 hours to respond to the email sent to you. Thank you to all who entered to win! Please consider purchasing this filter pitcher, it is absolutely amazing!

ZeroWater is offering a lucky winner their own ZeroWater Filtration Pitcher with Electronic Tester and Filter.

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