How Do I Keep Bugs Out of My Akron House? TruGreen Nuisance Pest Control!


With cooler weather, are you finding more insects finding a way inside where it is warm? Are you fighting with ants this season like we were? TruGreen offers Insect Control for your yards and gardens but did you know that they also offer nuisance pest control around the parameter of your house? We recently had […]

Kitchen Designer – Promotion Opportunity!


Do you know somebody who is in the kitchen design business?  I want to share an opportunity for promotion of your design FOR my kitchen – that will be enacted sometime before Thanksgiving!! Hooray! The money/loan(ugh)/timing has finally come into view and we’re ready to hit the ground running! Nasty Old Kitchen I know a […]

Books on God & Prayer for Kids – Hear My Prayer and F is for Fireflies Review

picture of E is for Everything God Made

My kids love story time, we have always read a lot to our kids. We read a variety of books including Disney books, make-believe books, educational books, science books, animal books, and religious books that talk about God. Although all are important, it is always a delight as a mom when their favorite books are […]

Pass This Bill…Right Away – The Video


Regardless of your political affiliation, our President sounded like a broken record last night.  No, I’m not on a soap box about previous messages, or more of the same, or whatever, but he said the phrase “Pass This Jobs Bill” WAY TOO MANY TIMES!  It seems his message was to congress to “pass this bill […]

I Miss My Kids…


Do you ever get to a point in your life where you actually see your life changing before your eyes? Life is always changing with kids growing older, new friends entering your life, family squabbles, new jobs, etc. Usually, it’s somewhat gradual. Right now, mine seems like it is on fast-forward. My 6 year old […]

Best List of Apple Orchards in Akron, Ohio and Summit, Medina, Portage, and Wayne Counties

picture of Best List of Apple Orchards in Akron, Ohio and Summit, Medina, Portage, and Wayne Counties

Visit our UPDATED list of Apple Orchards in Akron, Ohio and Summit, Medina. Portage, and Wayne Counties for 2012. What time is it?  Apple Pickin’ time! This is the best list of Apple Orchards in Akron, Ohio and Summit, Medina. Portage, and Wayne Counties. Please share with all your friends and family. Please also see: 2011 […]

Fashion Salt and Pepper Mills – William Bounds PepArt Twin Set

picture of William Bounds PepArt Twin Set

Once you start freshly grinding sea salt and peppercorns on your food, you’ll never go back. It makes everything taste fresher and better. Finding good mills can be difficult. I’ve found a set that is not only functional and reliable but also visually stunning.  The William Bounds PepArt Twin Set  is a stylish set of […]

Number 1 Hair Straightener – Flat Iron Experts KQC X-Heat Flat Iron Review


If someone asked me a few months ago if all flat irons are created equal, I would have answered, “Yes.”  That is, until I tried the KQC X-Heat flat iron.  You see, last fall, I purchased a $35 flat iron at my local discount store.  I wanted to reduce the frizzy look of my hair, […]

Honoring September 11th, 2001, by Making a Difference

Hands on a globe

As you are probably aware, this September 11th will mark the 10th anniversary of a most tragic day in our nation’s history.  There will be memorial services, moments of silence, prayer services and the like all across the United States – and rightfully so.  But after reading and reviewing a most poignant book by author […]

Life Is Too Short: Stories of Transformation and Renewal After 9/11 – Review

photo of life is too short book

Some of my fellow bloggers weren’t so sure they wanted to read this book from publisher iUniverse, about survivors of the September 11th, 2001 attacks - they didn’t want to be reminded of that most dreadful day, and the heinous acts a few hateful people took upon so many in our nation.  I understand where they are coming […]

Levi’s Quality at Target Prices – dENIZEN Jeans Review


As a busy mom with two young kids, I’m always on the go with my kids shopping, at the park, playing in the back yard, or volunteering at their schools. It’s important to not only feel comfortable but also to look good when out and about. One thing is for sure, I’ll be in my […]

Why Recess is Important & How You Can Win a $20,000 School Playground from Danimals

picture of Dannon Danimals Rally For Recess

My son has 2-3 recesses per day at school. He is one of the lucky ones. Up to 40% of US school districts have reduced or eliminated recess for various reasons, including to free up time for core academics and to raise scores on standardized tests.  This is a poor decision for everyone involved. According […]

Newest Collectible Toys for Kids – The Trash Pack Trashies

picture of The Trash Pack Two Pack of Trashies

Meet the gross gang from the garbage, The Trash Pack. These miniature, collectible figures and playsets are going to be all the rage this Christmas for kids ages 5 and up! With prices in the range of $5.99 to $19.99, it is an affordable stocking stuffer and Christmas gift for anyone. Trashies, the figures from […]

Sundried Tomatoes from Mooney Farms in a Artichoke Dip Recipe


Did you know that eating Sun Dried Tomatoes can lower your risk for chronic disease? Sun Dried Tomatoes fight free radical in the body. How? Sun Dried Tomatoes contain lycopene, a phytochemical and proven antioxidant that is a free radical fighting machine. Does the same go for fresh tomatoes? No. Sun Dried Tomatoes have 12 […]

Does Dairy-Free Ice Cream Taste Good? Tofutti Review

picture of Tofutti Milk Free Ice Cream

There are millions of Americans that cannot eat dairy products, whether based on health reasons or lifestyle choices. Tofutti Brands Inc. makes it possible for them to still enjoy frozen treats that taste like the ice cream treats we all enjoy with more than 80 dairy-free foods. Now, you can enjoy dairy-free frozen desserts, cheese […]