Newest Collectible Toys for Kids – The Trash Pack Trashies

picture of The Trash Pack Two Pack of Trashies

Meet the gross gang from the garbage, The Trash Pack. These miniature, collectible figures and playsets are going to be all the rage this Christmas for kids ages 5 and up! With prices in the range of $5.99 to $19.99, it is an affordable stocking stuffer and Christmas gift for anyone. Trashies, the figures from […]

Sundried Tomatoes from Mooney Farms in a Artichoke Dip Recipe


Did you know that eating Sun Dried Tomatoes can lower your risk for chronic disease? Sun Dried Tomatoes fight free radical in the body. How? Sun Dried Tomatoes contain lycopene, a phytochemical and proven antioxidant that is a free radical fighting machine. Does the same go for fresh tomatoes? No. Sun Dried Tomatoes have 12 […]

Does Dairy-Free Ice Cream Taste Good? Tofutti Review

picture of Tofutti Milk Free Ice Cream

There are millions of Americans that cannot eat dairy products, whether based on health reasons or lifestyle choices. Tofutti Brands Inc. makes it possible for them to still enjoy frozen treats that taste like the ice cream treats we all enjoy with more than 80 dairy-free foods. Now, you can enjoy dairy-free frozen desserts, cheese […]

Enjoy More than Bagels at Bruegger’s Bagels, Plus Bruegger’s Bagels Coupons


Last week, on one of the hot days we had, my family visited Brueggers Bagels for dinner. We have enjoyed bagels from Bruegger’s many times before, however have never tried their lunch/dinner menu. Have you? If not, let me tell you that you are missing out.  I didn’t expect such a complex assortment of sandwich […]

Finally, Tummy Time is Fun for Babies Using Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle

picture of Infantino Tummy Triangle

Even though I knew the importance of Tummy Time for my kids when they were babies, it was not fun. Babies are not generally comfortable on their bellies, it is a big work out for them. Tummy Time is crucial though. It is recommended that babies get 30 minutes a day of tummy time, either […]

Your Princess will Adore My Little Pony Princess Celestia – Review


Does your daughter watch and play with My Little Pony toys? If so, you know that Princess Celestia is the beautiful, graceful ruler of kingdom of Equestria. All of the My Little Ponies look up to and adore Princess Celestia. Your daughter will love and adore Hasbro’s new My Little Pony Princess Celestia toy too. My […]

Are Store Brand Foods Good? My Giant Eagle Brand Review


Do you buy store-brand groceries? Are you afraid they won’t taste as good as the national brands? Giant Eagle store brand products are offered at significantly lower prices compared to national brands. There are more than 5,000 products offered across the store from the produce section to the diary section and everything in between with […]

I am eight weeks and craving an ice cream.


What does “I am ____ weeks and craving ___” Facebook status mean? Have you ever seen a female friend of yours posted such status on her Facebook profile?  Does this mean that your friend is pregnant and craving for a candy bar?   Before you start speculating and posting the “Congratulations” comment as a reply,  please […]

Cold Shower- Child Abuse in Toledo Government Mandated?


Yesterday our very own blogger Veronica wrote about how she was disciplined with hot sauce as a kid (and is now better for it).  Growing up outside of the States on the Equator, I suppose hot sauce discipline might be the norm.  I don’t know.  Weird. Anyway, her story also highlighted and included video of […]

“Mom, when we go to Heaven, we can talk to God”


At breakfast this morning, my 4 year old Elizabeth said, “Mom, when we go to Heaven, we can talk to God“. I excitedly said that yes we can! I started thinking about how amazing that will be to talk to God, the creator of the Universe. What would I ask Him? Would I even be […]

Mom Wise – a Women’s Community Group in Fairlawn


With school back in session and fall upon us, we’re moving from summer time craziness, back to, well normalcy.  With school in session there are many activities that start up too, especially for women.  One of them is MOM WISE, one of the Women’s Community Bible Studies from CrossPoint Alliance Church in Fairlawn. [sws_grey_box box_size="551"] […]

October 2011 Winners

Jennifer Tilson won Mooney Farms Bella Sun Luci Sundried Tomatoes Giveaway ($35) Lynda Thomas won Mooney Farms Bella Sun Luci Sundried Tomatoes Giveaway ($35) Maryann D. won Tofutti Dairy-Free Ice Cream Giveaway ($16) Greta B won Life Is Too Short: Stories of Transformation and Renewal After 9/11 ($12.95) Phyllis Duer won Life Is Too Short: […]

Labor Day Weekend Cedar Point Discounts


Labor Day Weekend is here. How will you end the Summer? How about on an exciting note at Summer at America’s Roller Coast, Cedar Point! Cedar Point is offering fantastic Labor Day Weekend Deals that are too good to pass up! Pick-A-Date Cedar Point Discount Now through Labor Day, Cedar Point is offering Pick-A-Date tickets […]

Is Putting Hot Sauce in Kid’s Mouth Considered as a Child Abuse?


Do you remember having a bar of soap in your mouth for talking back to your parents?   Have you ever tried to do the same?  Did you put hot sauce in your kid’s mouth as a form of disciplining, consequences, and corrective action?   Hot sauce, soap, sandals .. what else? My parents did put hot […]

Does Tria Hair Removal Laser Work?

photo of tria hair removal laser

Laser hair removal has become the most popular aesthetic treatment for women under the age of 35.  I’m over that age bracket, and I too, would love to permanently remove unwanted hair on underarms, legs, and bikini line.  But the cost of treatments at a medical office can be prohibitive for many. Enter the newly-improved, […]