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Highly Professional & Insightful

May 14, 2014 by Jill Adams McDonough
Company Represented: Prevail Strategic Marketing & Communications • 
Product/service Reviewed: Shepherd's Pride Lamb 

Cindy's reasoning, creative skills and professionalism all join together for compelling blog posts and gratifying partnerships. She is informed and passionate, delivering tips, offers and visuals that motivate readers and leveraging assets that benefit partners.

Oct 10, 2013 by Maureen Stearns
Company Represented: Enrichment Books • 
Product/service Reviewed: Book: Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps 

I was thrilled to receive Cindy's in-depth review of my book, "Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps, Teach this Method in Just 5 Minutes." Countless students who struggle with multiplication are searching for an easier way, especially during homework time. Hopefully this book will cross paths with them. A huge thank you to Cindy for her thoughtful review.

A star in the blog community

Aug 26, 2013 by Shaina Ostroff
Company Represented: Crier Communications • 
Product/service Reviewed: Stonefire Authentic Flatbreads 

Cindy always writes the most thorough, visually appealing and wonderful blog posts. She takes the time to really get to know the product and brand she is reviewing and puts so much creativity and passion into her write ups. She is a star in the blog community and I feel so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

HUGE Asset to Local Campaigns!

May 02, 2013 by Bethany Masters
Company Represented: Feld Entertainment, Inc 

A couple of times a year, I get the honor of working with Cindy, and she continues to impress! She's got a loyal fan-base (myself included) and is very detailed and honest with her reviews. When our family shows come to the area, Cindy is an extremely large part of helping me reach local moms and my campaigns are SO much better because of it! thank you, Cindy! Looking forward to next season.

Fantastic Ohio Blogger

Mar 15, 2013 by JGleason
Company Represented: Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy • 
Product/service Reviewed: QuickMelts, Oral Spray, Lozenges 

It is no surprise Cindy is a top blogger in the area - her reviews are fair and of high quality and she keeps them honest and very detailed. She is professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Switch to Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup for a Grown Up Taste

Feb 28, 2013 by P. Beyers
Company Represented: Traina Foods • 
Product/service Reviewed: California Sun Dried Tomato Ketchup 

Cindy has been a pleasure to work with. She provides fair and thoughtful product reviews that are helpful to consumers in making purchasing decisions.

Organic Natural Skin Care – SeabuckWonders Review & Giveaway

Feb 27, 2013 by Cherie Boldt
Company Represented: SeabuckWonders • 
Product/service Reviewed: Skin care Line 

It's no wonder Cindy Orley is the top Akron Blogger....I'm sure she'll continue on to "Top Galaxy Blogger"! :) She recently reviewed product for SeabuckWonders, and I couldn't be more pleased with her thorough, well-written post that featured excellent photos and honest feedback! You ROCK, Cindy! Can't wait to work with you again real soon....

Jul 20, 2012 by Jeff Chenoweth
Company Represented: Fanscape 

Cindy is extremely professional and I have nothing to say but good things when it comes to working with It was a great experience and I look forward to working with Cindy again!

Jun 01, 2012 by K. Mullikin
Company Represented: 360i • 
Product/service Reviewed: Coca-Cola NASCAR 

This was our first time working with Cindy on behalf of our client and team and she was absolutely amazing! She really understands the meaning of personalization and providing her readers with a great story while maintaining specific brand messaging. She helped us introduce the campaign and NASCAR race being promoted by Coca-Cola, Live Tweeted during the race, and even did a recap post for us which included some great visual content. I am definitely looking forward to working with Cindy again!

5 star blogger

Apr 09, 2012 by R. Romano
Company Represented: Oransi 

Our PR Agency has worked with Cindy in the past - she is professional and a joy to work with overall. She believes in quality, fair reviews - and her writing skills are excellent - as are her photos. We'd urge other PR firms looking for a high quality blogger for product reviews & giveaways to give Cindy a try.

Akron Ohio Moms Akron OH, USA 5.0 5.0 35 35 Cindy's reasoning, creative skills and professionalism all join together for compelling blog posts and gratifying partnerships. She is informed and passionate, delivering tips, of

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