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We take pride and care with every blog post we put up on AOM. With an emphasis on Search Engine Friendly articles, we benefit- and so do our partners. Our reviews are always in depth;  many commercial partners compare me to other bloggers and are ecstatic by the quantity and quality of my review.

We love to use our own (sometimes campy, sometimes professional!) photographs, if it is a children’s item or toy kids WILL be on camera too. Our goal is to show our demographic your product, service, or location in live action so that my readers will get a hands on feel for the item, as well as the company.

We blog just about everything from household appliances, home electronics, cars, games and toys, clothes, home decor & furniture, baby needs, toddler needs, mommy & daddy needs, plus Ohio travel destinations and sometimes farther! Local businesses, PR companies, event coordinators, and travel destinations are welcome to contact us with this form.

Questions regarding product and service blog reviews

How do I get an item reviewed?
Utilize our pubic relations/product review form.

When will you let me know if my item will/has been reviewed?
Once I receive your item, I will email you and let you know that I received it and when your post will go up.

How long will it be, once you receive the product, before it is highlighted?
Products with associated giveaways are posted on our internal schedule to maximize the benefit of our blog readers, thereby providing you increased viewership.  All products are reviewed within 3 to 4 weeks of reception.  If there is a set schedule, please discuss that up front!

Will you tell me when the review is posted?
I will email you when the review of your item(s) is posted and provide you a permanent, twitter friendly link.

Why for product reviews?
Ohio is in the heart of the USA, and Akron is in the heart of Ohio.  Therefore this review will be seen as truly representative of the ‘average’ mommy.  Our reviews are in depth.  We involve our children for playtime with toys, we solicit their specific quotes and record them, and I, get this- read instructions!  Products are meant to be enjoyed and used as per manufacturer suggestions- we know that- and so we DO that for my reviews.  What else? lots of pictures are sorted through, and real life situations.  We have a lot of fun and push products to the edge.

Can we require a positive review?
Your submission is not guaranteed a super-positive review.   If your product does not meet our expectations, we will let you know OFF-blog- and your company will have the chance to work with us to determine if a review should be placed, if the customer service responded appropriately, etc.  All reviews posted here are honest and truthful.

How long will our product be highlighted?
You’ll have the top spot until the next review is posted. At times, we will post more than one review at a time.   Once your review moves from the top spot, it will scroll down the home page and sidebar. All reviews are also permanently accessible in the archives and are search-able by category. Giveaways are also a way to keep front and center for weeks!

Can the review be permanently accessible?
Of Course!  The link will be permanent.

Will my product be returned?
No products will be returned. Once something is given as a review it becomes the property of our blogger team. Let’s face it, this is a mommy blogger perkItems of exceptional value may expect a series of product posts.

If I want to work with you for a giveaway, do I send you the giveaway prize?
NO! Please do not send me the prize that is to be awarded.  I am in the business of blogging and NOT shipping prizes! If I receive the prize in error, I will ask you ( prior to the review ) to send another item to the winner ONCE the giveaway winner is chosen.

I hope this helps you understand how we work.  Please proceed to our PR contact form to submit a product for review to our blog.

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