picture of Warmup Under Tile Electric Heating System Contents

Warmup Radiant Floor Heating

We have a partnership with Warmup for Radiant Floor Heating in our Total Home Remodel Project. We will be installing several Warmup products throughout our home including our family room, kids play room, and master suite. Warmup is a radiant heating solution that brings comfort, savings, and energy efficiency into the home through a once thought of luxury product. This is a luxury product that you can afford while enjoying all of the benefits!

My brother and sister-in-law recently had the opportunity to experience Warmup first hand. They are expecting their first baby this winter. With Ohio’s cold winters, an electric floor heating system in the bathroom will keep baby and parents warm and comfortable.

Hands On Review of Warmup Radiant Floor Heating

When my husband and I decided to re-model our old bathroom we had many reasons in mind.  First we wanted to make the bathroom a family friendly room.  We had tile floors already in the bathroom, but they are old and in need of replacing.

picture of Old Bathroom

Old Bathroom

The good thing about using tile as a bathroom surface is that it is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and beautiful!  The bad thing about tile is that it can be so cold, especially in the winter.

Our solution – Warmup Radiant Floor Heating for our bathroom floor.  The Warmup Loose Wire Heating System is wonderful for many reasons, but one of my favorites is that it runs on its own programmable thermostat, so if I want the bathroom slightly warmer than the rest of the house I can make it warmer with ease.  In addition if I am bathing the baby and sitting on it, the whole floor is warm to the touch, perfect for little feet to crawl on, and big feet to walk on.

picture of Warmup Under Tile Electric Heating System Contents

Warmup Under Tile Electric Heating System Contents

What is Warmup Radiant Floor Heating?

Warmup Radiant Floor Heating provides heating from the floor level up. Radiant Floor Heat quickly heats the large floor surface at a low heat. This is very energy efficient and most comfortable as the heat starts at the floor and warms up the flooring, furniture, you, and the air.

picture of Radiant Heating Temperature Chart

Radiant Heating Temperature Chart

Using a radiator to supplement your heating is wasteful and not efficient. Besides having to maintain radiators, they are unsightly and do not give consistent heat throughout the room.

picture of Typical Central Heating

Typical Central Heating

Loose Wire Heating System, Under Tile Electric Floor Heating

With the Loose Wire Heating System you can add the luxury and comfort of heated floors without raising your floor levels. This Radiant Floor Heating system is designed with an ultra-thin, 1/8″dual-core floor heating cable. Within hours, you can install heated floors on most floor finishes. Always check with your flooring manufacturer for compliance.

If you have heard about Radiant Floor Heating, Radiant Heating, Electric Floor Heating, Electric Heating, or Radiant Heat and want to learn more about this heating solution, check out the Warmup website.  You will find all the information you need including a free quote, online room planning, and cost calculator. Warmup is backed up by a 30 year warranty and even a one time owner transfer.  With over 1 million installations worldwide, Warmup is a name you can trust for your family.

Installing Warmup Loose Wire Heating System

There is no need to dig up the floor and no need to mix concrete. Simply position the floor heating cable on the subfloor, lay your flooring and say goodbye to cold feet for good!Let me tell you how easy it was to do it.

First we had to rip out the old tile floor, we took it down to the sub-floor of the bathroom, then put ¼” cement board down as the underlayment.   This is the preferred type of underlayment for fire safety reasons, however if a wood underlayment is used, Warmup provides a primer to use prior to installation.

picture of Installed Underlayment

Installed Underlayment

We next marked out our lines for our tile flooring prior to installing the Warmup product; we recommend doing this, as it is easier to make your measurements without the product on the floor, and also minimizes potential damage.  Following the instructions, we made marks on the floor for the Warmup wiring in a different color, so that we knew how to space the product most efficiently.

With all the planning done, we then wired the electrical to code, and hooked up the supplied thermostat.  Warmup recommends using a licensed electrician to make your connections safe and accurate.    We next secured the Warmup wiring to the floor in our marked pattern, using the included tape, while at the same time, checking to make sure there were no shorts in the line (the instructions stated to check at least three times I am sure we did more just to be safe.)

picture of Installing Warmup Loose Wire Radiant Heating System

Installing Warmup Loose Wire Radiant Heating System

picture of Installing Warmup Loose Wire Electric Floor Heating System

Installing Warmup Loose Wire Electric Floor Heating System

Once the wire was set we were then ready to tile. We did vary from the instructions here, Warmup recommended using a plastic trowel to apply the mortar to the floor to minimize damage to the wires.  We decided to apply the mortar directly to the back of the tiles, and then placed on the floor.

picture of Applied mortar directly to tiles for electric heating sytem

Applied mortar directly to tiles for electric heating sytem

This seemed to be a very effective way to keeping the integrity of the Warmup system in tact, and then again after the tiles were set, we checked to make sure there were no problems with the system.  The next day we grouted the seams and the project was complete.

picture of Laying Ceramic Tile Over Warmup Radiant Heating System

Laying Ceramic Tile Over Warmup Radiant Heating System

We love that the heat radiates evenly throughout the room eliminating cold spots, and it is amazing how fast the floor heats when you turn the unit on.  Now that it is getting colder we will program the thermostat to turn on before we wake in the morning, and any additional times we choose.  Then, turn it off completely in the warmer months to reduce our energy consumption during warmer months. For the entire winter, it will only cost about $20 to heat our bathroom floors for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours at night! Electric heat is cheaper than gas heat, so using our Warmup Radiant Heating System can actually save money on heating bills.

I couldn’t be happier knowing that I have a great alternative to dangerous space heaters.  In addition, the heating elements are invisible, don’t require storage space when not in use, don’t require maintenance (remember the 30 year warranty?) and is safe for my baby.

This was not a paid post. Opinions were used based on our perceptions and experience. Thank you to Warmup who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with AkronOhioMoms.com. Check out the great selection of products at http://www.warmup.com.

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