picture of Mom and kids tearing out the old carpet

How to remove old carpet

Removing old carpet is fairly easy. I have been dying to tear out the carpet in my daughter’s bedroom.  The carpet is matted down, smells musty, and is an UGLY gold color. We are remodeling Elizabeth’s room into a girly, princess theme bedroom.

To begin, I put on work gloves because I can’t stand dusty, dirty hands and of course to protect my hands.  I just used a sharp utility knife to cut 3 -4 foot wide sections of the carpet.  This is a manageable size to haul out of the room for me. Our trash collector will take just about anything but be sure to contact your local collector to be sure they will accept construction garbage. By all means, wrap it up neatly and help them load it in their truck on trash day, if possible.

picture of Cutting carpet into manageable sections

Cutting carpet into manageable sections

Once I cut the sections, I simply rolled up each piece and tied it together with twine.

We have hot water radiant heat throughout the house. To make life easier, I removed the radiator covers from the room before removing the carpet.

picture of Tearing out old carpet

Tearing out old carpet

Under the carpet was carpet padding. I rolled some of it up as well. Most of the carpet padding was pretty worn down so I just tossed it in a large contractor bag.

My kids love to help. Sometimes it is easier to just do project on my own, but with each project comes incredible learning experiences . Plus, they take ownership of the project which teaches them patience, pride, and confidence.

picture of Kids love to hep with remodeling projects

Kids loves to hep with remodeling projects

Elijah really enjoyed helping me with the carpet removal. Of course he was not handling a knife but he did explore and use other tools under my supervision. Above, he is lifting the carpet flap with a crowbar, he was really trying to help. :)

After we took away the carpet rolls and bags of carpet padding, we had tons of tack board to take up. I simply used a crowbar to get underneath each tack board and hammered it with a hammer. The tackboard come up pretty easily.

picture of 5 year old using a crowbar

5 year old using a crowbar

This is actually the part where Elijah helped a LOT. Usually, kids “help” and it takes twice as long to work on the project. Today, he really HELPED me. I was amazed.  He wore his Diego gloves and pulled up tack board right beside me. He was so proud of himself! I put the tack board into the heavy duty compactor bag.

After the tack board was removed, I had plenty of nails sticking out all over the floor. I nailed most of them down and pulled some that were crooked.

Now, I finally found out why the room is so musty smelling! This has been a huge problem with Elizabeth’s room. I’ve shampooed the carpets many times since we moved here 5 months ago with no success. I found out why today. The wood floor boards are stained, presumably by cat urine as I found cat hair in the radiator covers when I removed them. The spots were just on one side of the room. I asked the folks at Home Depot what I should use. They recommended varnish. I simply painted the varnish over the stained spots. Now the room smells like varnish…

The entire project took just 2 hours!

I can’t wait to install her new Tarkett Floor! We will be installing the Tarkett Fiber Floor Easy Living Fun Square Dance. They have a great collection of fun kids floors that are perfect for kids bedrooms and playrooms. Elizabeth picked the Square Dance out herself. The colors will match perfectly with her girly pink room.

picture of Tarkett Easy Living Fun Square Dance

Tarkett Easy Living Fun Square Dance

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Tarkett who supplied the product for review and the ongoing relationship with AkronOhioMoms.com. Check out the great selection of products at http://www.tarkettna.com.

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