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Leading Cause of Blindness: Diabetes #DiabetesAwarenessMonth

Diabetes is a cure, cure disease that requires 24/7 monitoring to live a happy, healthy [...]

How to Avoid Teen Diabetes Burnout

If you follow my blog, you know that both my kids have Type 1 Diabetes, [...]

Magic Pill for Diabetes??

Half of adult Americans are either pre-diabetic or have Type 2 Diabetes.  (This is not [...]

Zip Lining with Diabetes and SPIbelt (Small Personal Item Belt)

If you are a runner, there are key items you want to keep with you [...]

Fun and Fashionable Diabetes Bag for Girls

My daughter is Type 1 Diabetic which means she needs to carry medical supplies and [...]

Go Hands-free with a Fashionable Clutch + Belt Bag – Plus Diabetes Bag Option

How many times have you wished you had a way to keep only the essentials [...]

Tips for Living Healthy with Type 1 Diabetes

As you may know, my son, Elijah was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in [...]

Mom, Can I Pretend That I Don’t Have Diabetes?

This is a difficult post to write. I don’t often write such personal, heart-felt posts. [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars for Diabetics by America’s Best Cookbook for Kids with Diabetes

Chocolate Chip Coie Bars for Diabetics Families that have kids with diabetes may find it [...]

Parmesan Chicken Strips Recipe from The Diabetes Prevention & Management Cookbook

Diabetes is on the rise in the USA, chances are good that you know someone [...]

Physical and Mental Health Awareness: Understanding How Different Substances Can Affect Your Body

Understanding how different substances affect your body and mind is the only way you can [...]

Shamrock Delights with a Purpose: Supporting Ronald McDonald House this St. Patrick’s Day

As a mom, nothing is important than caring for my family.  We all know [...]

Rest Easy with LULLIR’s 100% Organic Essential Oil Sleep Remedy Kit

As a busy mom who writes about the importance of good sleep regularly, I can’t [...]

Combating Childhood Obesity: A Summertime Strategy

Childhood obesity in the United States is a concerning issue that we can’t ignore. Did [...]

3 Things Dentists Wish You Knew

Colgate is tight with dentists. They are sharing 3 things dentists wish you knew. We [...]

Spring into Gardening in Akron, Ohio from Frost to Harvest 2023

What a crazy winter here in Ohio. It’s almost 70°F today and will be 20°F [...]