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Big Fan of Horses? Make the Most of Your Hobby in Ohio

Ohio is a great state to live in, no matter what your lifestyle is. There [...]

Hobby Farming (the joy of) – a Book Review

Thirteen months have passed by and we’re still sitting happily on our 1 acre of [...]


Goodbye Borders, Hello Hobby Lobby

I was surprised to hear the news that Borders in Montrose/Fairlawn will be closing up [...]


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Meet Judith Farrell Horvath: A Mom Turned Farmer Inspiring Others

I had the pleasure of chatting with Judith Farrell Horvath from Fair Hill Farm in [...]

How The Family Pulls Together As Members Age

As families grow up there can be a tendency for members to go their separate [...]

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The Best Ways to Enhance Your Pueblo County Home’s Curb Appeal

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like having a nice-loing yard and fresh house to impress [...]

Building a Self-Sufficient Family: 4 Books to Learn Beekeeping, Homesteading, Gardening, and Herbal Remedies Together

Families interested in becoming self-sufficient, healthier, and bonding together can benefit greatly from reading [...]

Spring into Gardening in Akron, Ohio from Frost to Harvest 2023

What a crazy winter here in Ohio. It’s almost 70°F today and will be 20°F [...]

Upgrade to Timeless Fashion with Bellissimo Hats

Upgrade your fashion this fall with the timeless fashion of a custom fedora hat by [...]

5 Ways to Refresh & Reset this Fall

Fall is the perfect time to refresh and reset your routine as we head into [...]

How to Cook Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms

Have you spotted these beauties while hiking? Chicken of the Woods have distinctive coloring and [...]

Make Time for Family with Walks

I’m feeling a little sentimental today as I review some photos my family to on [...]

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Go beyond just candy this Easter, surprise your child or grandchild with these on-trend Easter [...]

Podcasts Make Chores More Fun! Here are 10 Of My Favorites!

I am a huge fan of podcasts! If I am driving in the car or [...]