10 Tips for Camping with Kids

When you are making the decision to go camping, it can be quite a feat to remember each and every thing you need. Add in children to the equation and that list (and the chance you might forget one or two things) increases dramatically!

We’ve come up with a few things you won’t want to forget on your family camping trip that will help kids feel at home and keep them occupied!

1. Bug Jar with Magnifier – Go on an exploration to see who can find the strangest looking creature. With the magnifier, getting a close look at those feelers will be no problem at all.

2. Bug-Eye Headlight – Kids, and some adults, are often a little afraid of the dark. Those nighttime bathroom visits can be made a bit easier with the LED headlamp that never needs replacement and is comfortable enough that kids will have fun wearing it.

3. Pond Net for Kids – Maybe that bug car could hold some tadpoles, which kids can easily catch with the Coghlan’s pond net. There’s also a Butterfly net for those who prefer a less squiggly option.

4. Come prepared for anything with a special Trek III First Aid Kit dedicated for camping families. It has over 60 carefully chosen, functional items you might need for any bumps or bruises.

5. Paper plates blow away and ceramic kitchen plates will break in the wild, so make sure you have a handy set of tableware that’s easy to stack, pack and carry. Not only is it lightweight, but also comes in a set of four perfect for your family trip.

6. Bring games and activities that kids would never be able to do indoors, like a parafoil kite. Because of its durable nature and lack of sticks or frames, it can be easily folded up and carried when they get sick of it.

7. Bug spray – As any kid knows, not just any bug spray will do. It’s important that it feels comfortable and doesn’t leave them feeling sticky. Consider a spray that is smooth, which dries quickly when applied. Don’t forget to apply often!

8. Making S’mores can be a real mess, but with this S’mores maker, it’s a breeze. Put the S’mores into one of the three cooking cavities and hold above the flames until the graham cracker is lightly toasted. Features a sliding lock ring to keep the grill closed while cooking.

9. Let the kids have their own bag. Make it fun for them as well by including them in prep before you leave. Have a small duffel bag ready dedicated to their belongings only.

10. Glow sticks are a lot of fun. You can find them at popular retail stores, or you can find hooked light sticks for those late nights. But don’t forget a variety of colors – the more you have the better!

Coghlan’s Ltd. is recognized as the world leader in outdoor camping accessories. Founded in 1959 and based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada; Coghlan’s is a family owned company and has built its reputation on core values of product quality and innovation.


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