5 Ways to Get with Nature in Akron this January

So, ya… I got my PROGRAMS&EVENT Guide for Summit County MetroParks today.  I like to go through it and mark some things on my calendar- otherwise the 4-pager  is headed for the recycle bin without more than a glance.

I’m not rewriting everything they have on the Summit County MetroParks website.  But I am cherry picking the best that they have for these cold January days!  Take a look at my list below:

Footsteps to the Past

Visit the Gorge Metro Park in Cuyahoga Falls with a Naturalist  that will tell of the history of the Gorge (both Geological and Human). – Reason I like this: the signs at one of the ‘caves’ at the gorge talks about a young girl being held captive by an Indian Tribe.  I’m guessing it would be a pretty cool thing to hear the whole story- especially since she lived, and if I recall, she kinda liked it . Gorge Metro Park on Sunday January 9th, 2pm.

Puppet Show

The Naturealm Visitor’s Center brings out their hilarious puppets!  These are actually pretty good- and do well with kids under 10 years old.  Besides the puppet show, visiting the Naturealm Park is always a beautiful thing.  Just good luck staying on the paths burined under the snow. Naturealm, Sunday January 8th at 2pm (same time as the Gorge walk listed above.. bummer)

Young Birders: Bird Tracks

Ages 8 and older join a naturalist and volunteers to seek out the birds that thrive under the pine woods .  Of course, I’ll be bringing my own toothpicks and making fake tracks… Lets see if anyone notices….Naturealm on Sunday January 15th, at 11am.

Nature Drawing for Kids: Scat and Tracks

That’s right kids, bring your sketchbook and pencil to the Naturealm on Sunday January 15th at 2pm and learn how to draw muscrat and coyote poop!  Ages 6 to 12.  Certainly there can’t possibly be any potty humor here…

Top of the South Ledges

Now this is a new one- join a naturalist in your boots (he / she will have their own) and look for winter beast and bird, tracks and scat in a far out corner of a Twinsburg Recreation area at 9385 Liberty Road.  I’m not big on Twinsburg- but I know its up there somewhere! Sunday January 22nd at 2pm.

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