A Leprechaun Left His Shoes at my House!? A Craft Activity for St. Patrick’s Day

I know some of you are still wondering what you are going to wear for St. Patrick’s Day and maybe need some ideas for your kiddos.  Well, I have another cute idea (see my highly shared St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Treat Article), well, I think it is cute!  🙂  I was telling J-Girl about St. Patrick’s Day and about leprechauns and although she didn’t fully understand what I was talking about, she definitely knows that she will wear green all day, and get lots of candy and have fun staying away from the pinching “lepcon” as she says.

I know that Cindy posted a great post last year about trapping a leprechaun but I just didn’t want to go there…yet.  I was thinking of another way to introduce J-Girl to leprechauns so that she wouldn’t be scared and also have something fun from him so….the St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun is going to leave his shoes here! Yep!  I saw this post from an awesome blog that I follow and knew that I HAD to try this!

Find your Shoes that are destined for Green Leprechaun Styling

First, go through your closets and find shoes that you don’t wear anymore or go to your local thrift store!  I got my shoes from the thrift store for $1 and J-Girls were hand me downs that we just haven’t gotten around to wearing….until now!  Next you will need to hit up your favorite craft store for supplies.

Got my old shoes ready to go and my glitter paint and modge podge ready too!

Supplies for Leprechaun Shoes:

  • old shoes
  • painters tape (blue)
  • newspaper
  • LUCKY GREEN glitter blast spray paint (found mine at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby)
  • Modge Podge spray can found at most craft stores
  • jewelry metal glue (maybe super glue would work?)
  • toothpicks (to apply glue)
  • rhinestones for decorating (I used GREEN and SILVER) which can be found at most craft stores

Making your Leprechaun shoes:

To make your leprachaun shoes you will need to wipe down the shoes with a clean damp cloth, let dry and then start taping off what you don’t want glitter green! I then stuffed my shoes with newspaper so that the paint didn’t go into the inside of the shoe. Then started spray painting!  I used 3 coats of the glitter spray but learned that I needed to wait in between coats before applying the next coat!  (it got runny in some spots)  Oops!  I let my shoes dry for a few hours then I applied one thick coat of modge podge matte spray and let them dry overnight.

Shoes are taped, stuffed with newspaper and ready for some Glitter Paint!
3 coats of glitter paint, 1 coat of modge podge, took the tape off and now ready to decorate
Green and Silver rhinestones and Jewelry and Metal Glue

After the shoes were dry, take the painters tape off and then get to work bedazzling your shoes with rhinestones and glue!  I tried to make shamrocks with my silver rhinestones but I think they look more like crosses, oh well….they still turned out great!!  Too bad T-boy and my husband wouldn’t let me make them some green glitter leprechaun shoes….maybe next year!?  😉  This year I guess just me and J-Girl will look cool in our fancy leprechaun shoes!!

We are all set for St. Patrick's Day here at our house with our fancy leprechaun shoes!

Aren’t these awesome! I am SO excited to wear my shoes and cannot wait until J-Girl wakes up on St. Patrick’s Day and see what that silly little leprechaun left at our house!  I know that she will be very excited to show her friends at our mommy&me class her “lepcon” shoes and share her yummy Rainbow and Gold snack!  Hope you all have a fun day celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with your family, I know we will at our house!  🙂

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