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You haven’t experienced Amish County at its best if you haven’t visited the Amish Country Theater! We recently spent a full weekend in Amish Country, seeing it for the ‘first time’ by going beyond just eating at an Amish buffet.

We had the best experience ever at the Amish Country Theater. The 2-hour live variety show is hilarious and fun for the entire family. My kids can’t wait to go back and neither can I!


I received tickets to facilitate this post.

Farmed and Dangerous at The Amish Country Theater

We were able to check out one of the new shows at the Amish Country Theater, Farmed and Dangerous. Our emcee was Lynyrd, a friendly and funny country pumpkin who knows no limits to pranks, fun, and sights for his future as the president of the United States! His good Amish friend tries to talk reason with him with but it is no use!

There are plenty of “Amish” characters throughout the live show that shine a light on much about the Amish that you wouldn’t otherwise have any idea of knowing – I loved that.


There was plenty of live music throughout the show including a segment from “The Jonas Brothers”! Their side-splitting acts and songs were so fun! They set popular songs of today and yesterday to the theme of Amish living – you’ve gotta see it to believe it! The whole audience was clapping along!


The back-and-forth between the actors were hysterical. I loved the side jokes that one of the Jonas Brothers would spit out to the audience every so often.

It was stand-up comedy at its best – but all 100% clean for young ears to ear – something very important to me. I even called the theater before our visit to get assurance that the Farmed and Dangerous show was fine for my kids’ young ears because even “family friendly” shows aren’t always so family-friendly.amish-country-action

Ken Groves is an amazing ventriloquist. He has taken his act all around the world and on 14 national television shows. He is very talented and a pleasure to have him right here in Ohio!

ventriliquist in Amish Country

There was plenty of audience interaction throughout the show and several opportunities for audience members to get up on stage.  If you are stage-shy, don’t sit toward the front or with someone who is likely to “volunteer” you! ha!audience-participation

My husband was part of the act with the amazing ventriloquist Ken Groves.

The act that my husband was in was the funniest thing I have ever experienced in my whole life! I was literally crying from the laughter! My kids thought my husband was a super-star after the performance. We even bought the DVD to share with friends and family – it was such an amazing show!Country-Band-Theater

I wasn’t sure how my kids would react to segments of live bluegrass music, they aren’t the ‘sitting and listening to live music’ type of kids. Honestly, neither am I. That changed with the remarkable performance of this father and sons trio. They were astounding and gave my son the idea to join the band at school! LAUGHS

The absolute best thing in the entire universe is to see your kids (and husband) laugh. I’m talking about genuine laughs and smiles that light up the world. We had this experience for the entire 2 hours – and many times since as we recall our time at The Amish Theater. If you want to laugh and laugh hard, take your family to one of their lives shows soon!LynyrdMaybe you’ll be able to meet Lynard like I did, he’s at the Friday night show, Farmed and Dangerous. Or check out Runaway Rooster on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Check out this video clip to see what the shows are like:

Amish Country Theater
3149 OH-39
Walnut Creek, OH 44687
Phone:(888) 988-7469

Millersburg, OH 44654

A great place to stay while visiting Amish Country is the Sleep Inn Designed to Dream Hotel in Bolivar, Ohio. This is where we stayed after this show since the show wasn’t over until well after 10pm. It was so nice to just retreat to a gorgeous hotel for the night instead of traveling all the way back to Akron!

Sleep Inn Designed to Dream in Bolivar Ohio

Sleep Inn is on the north side of the entrance to Amish Country and convenient to Walnut Creek, Sugar Creek, and the entire Amish Country area.


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