Avoid Summer Brain Drain with Appleseed Lane STEM Boxes

Summer is around the corner. Avoid Summer brain drain with Appleseed Lane. They make learning fun and hands-on with subscription boxes for that cover up to 3 educational STEM projects per box. Plus, they include a fun craft and more all centered around changing themes each month. These STEM boxes are meant for kids ages 4-8 years old.

We received two Appleseed Lane STEM Boxes to facilitate this post. The first kit is the Appleseed Lane Green Science Kit. This is how the box looks when you open it – it gives a visual of the projects you will be working on.

Appleseed Lane STEM Boxes (3)

When you open it up, you’ll see that there is a lot in this little box! Everything you need for the projects is in the box – besides basic items you most likely already have like scissors and a plastic cup.Appleseed Lane STEM Boxes (1)

Each project has a visual instruction guide that kids can understand by looking at it while parents can get the details from reading it. Below is the Splendid Sprouts project. This project teaches kids all about how plants are one of our planet’s most important resources. How cool that kids can take part in planting something so crucial?! The instruction manual goes on to give more information that you can share with your child while working on the project.Appleseed Lane STEM Boxes (4)

For the Solar Oven project, kids learn about the energy of light, specifically light energy. In this project, children can create their own solar oven that can actually cook food! Warm up a slice of leftover pizza or other pre-cooked food in your fridge. I can’t wait to try this project with my daughter who loves both cooking with me and science!Appleseed Lane STEM Boxes (5)

We just received the Sound & Music box. My daughter also loves music, so she’s going to have so much fun with these projects too. The classic String Telephone project is something that I’ve always wanted to show my kids but never actually got the supplies together to do it. That is one thing that I really, really like about Appleseed Lane – everything is together in one kit! The supplies and educational learning information is all provided.  The String Telephone teaches kids about how sound travels. You can easily show your child how sound waves travel through the air in your cup, to the bottom of your cup, through the string and back through the air to their ears.  I don’t think I would have went into such detail if I would have shown my kids how to make a string telephone on my own.Appleseed Lane STEM Boxes (2)

When you make learning fun, kids are more likely to be engaged and remember what they learn. Studies* have shown that kids with parental academic involvement benefit with positive academic outcomes from early childhood throughout adolescence and beyond. I like that Appleseed provides a fun way to learn Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) with age-appropriate subscription boxes.

Just in time for Summer is the June Sports Science Box. This box was created with Dallas professional basketball player Shawn Marion!


This entertaining sports-themed science box is geared to kids ages 4-8.  Order the June Sports Science box by May 20th for June delivery.

Appleseed Lane subscription boxes are available online at www.appleseedlane.com with boxes start as low as $17.95/month. Not only will your children learn plenty, but it provides great family time as well.

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* Henderson and Mapp, 2002; Patrikakou, Weisberg, Redding, and Walberg, 2005

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