Best Birthday Party Location in West Akron is Laser Quest Akron

picture of Birthday Boy is going to get ya!

When planning for a birthday party for our 7 year old, we put a lot of thought and researching efforts before making a decision. There are many places offering birthday party services in the area, but we had such a hard time picking because most of them are more suitable for younger kids or girls. We were looking for a birthday party for 7 year old boys in Akron, Ohio.

We wanted a place which:

  • Is outside of our home; that means no cleaning up before and after the party.
  • Offers a hassle free and fun party planning for kids. Dealing with 15 kids whereby a birthday cake and ice cream are involved can be extremely challenging.
  • Allows us to bring outside food.
  • Has experienced, professional, courteous but fun staffing who care about customer satisfaction and the safety of their guests.
  • Does not charge us an arm and a leg for us to use their service and facility.

We had been thinking about a Laser Quest birthday party but weren’t very sure if it would be too overwhelming for 7 year old kids. We stopped by at Laser Quest to check out what they offer. After visiting multiple party places, on the way home our son told us that he wanted a Laser Quest birthday and convinced that it would be the most fun birthday party ever. We agreed.

Laser Quest Akron Birthday Party

We were glad Laser Quest Akron had what we wanted in a kids birthday party.

What does Laser Quest Birthday include? With a minimum of 8 players (including the guest of honor), Laser Quest Birthday ($15 per person) includes:

  • Two sessions of Laser Quest Games
  • Free pass of the birthday boy and two for one voucher for other guest for future date use.
  • Party Room (based on availability)
  • Locker Room to store gifts and belongings.
  • Free invitation cards (downloadable version is also available on Laser Quest website)

Booking the party was quick and easy. The week after our first visit to Laser Quest, we made a phone call to Laser Quest Akron to make an appointment and set a date for our son’s birthday party. Minutes after the appointment was made, we received a confirmation email from Laser Quest Akron

Checking in at Laser Quest Akron Party

Checking in for the party is easy as well.

1) We were provided with a lock and key for the locker for safe keeping of personal belongings.

2) Each playing guest gets a card which they will exchange for a glow-in-the-dark plastic key tab. This key tab contains the name of the player’s choice and will be used to track his/her score.

Let the Laser Quest Playing Begin

After all the players are signed in, the game marshal will brief the players on the game rules in a holding area and the player’s creed was also being recited. At least one game marshal will be in the playing area to ensure that rules are being followed and to assist players if needed.

picture of Laser Quest Akron Holding Area
Laser Quest Akron Holding Area

We all recited the Player’s Code in unison.

picture of Laser Quest Players Code
Laser Quest Players Code

Players will then move into the equipment room to put on the gear. Remember the plastic key tab? It is used to activate the player’s gear. In this way, each hit or miss will be tracked. Once everyone is ready, the play area was opened and the game begins!

picture of Heading into the Laser Quest Battle
Heading into the Laser Quest Battle

Dark would be the first word I use to describe the play area. It is similar to a maze but not as complicated. Almost all the kids in our party had no previous experience with Laser Quest but they caught on pretty quickly and enjoyed themselves tremendously. I guess their time spent playing video games are now put to good use!

picture of Birthday Boy is going to get ya!
Birthday Boy is going to get ya!

Each game lasts about 20 to 30 minutes, we did not really keep track of the time as we were busy running around trying to avoid being ‘tagged’. It was so exciting for kids and adults. We all had our strategies to hide behind walls to tag unsuspecting passerby opponents, stay up on the second level to tag those below, or like we did and just tour the entire place tagging and being tagged by all.

All in all, it was a pretty good workout to put it mildly. We were all sweating when the game ended. So you can have fun and workout at the same time.


picture of 6 year old Elijah on the hunt
6 year old Elijah on the hunt
picture of Adults have a blast at Laser Quest
Adults have a blast at Laser Quest

Laser Quest Akron Party Room

After the games are over, the party begins! There are 2 party rooms to choose from with lively themes. There is plenty of room for kids to eat, move around, and open presents.

picture of Laser Quest Akron Party Room
Laser Quest Akron Party Room

Food at Laser Quest Akron

One thing I must add, although outside foods are allowed to be brought in for the party, you may also opt to order pizza from their exclusive pizza partner, Donatos’ Pizza. If you order pizzas from Donatos’ Pizza a day before the party, you are entitled to 25% off discount.

Everyone enjoyed the pizza from Donato’s and other treats brought in. Jokes and laughter abound, presents were opened with much excitement in the air.

Laser Quest Party Guide

The party guide came in a couple times to give us a countdown till it was time to go to the birthday stage. This helped to keep the party moving along without feeling pressured to hurry. The kids loved the party guide who was super friendly, giving all the kids high fives!

picture of Laser Quest Akron party guide giving high fives
Laser Quest Akron party guide giving high fives

When we were ready, the party guide came for the birthday boy. The entire party was brought to the stage area with the birthday boy on the stage of course! The birthday boy can make one request to have all the party guest do something goofy/funny. My birthday boy made every one do cart wheels, with the part guide leading us all!

picture of Laser Quest Akron Stage with Birthday Boy
Laser Quest Akron Stage with Birthday Boy

Here’s the best part, the party guide will then bring out a leaf blower with a roll of paper attached to the front. A stream of paper will be shooting at everyone and it was just a blast to see that.

Birthday Boy on Stage at Laser Quest Akron Video


When all’s done, the guest will help the pick up the paper and put it in a bag but alas! The paper will turn into game play vouchers for future use for each guest. That’s magical!

Book your next Birthday Party at Laser Quest Akron

With all said and done, it was the most fast-paced and excitement filled kids birthday party we’ve ever been to. Such a blast for everyone young and not so young! Both boys and girls had fun at this birthday party too. The facility was clean and organized with exciting decor. The staff was phenomenal, they were friendly, helpful, and filled with high energy to keep everyone excited.

If you are up for a brand new birthday party celebration experience, I totally recommend a Laser Quest birthday! Oh, did I also mention exercise? 🙂

Laser Quest Akron
80 Brookmont Road
Akron, OH (Montrose / Fairlawn area)



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2 thoughts on “Best Birthday Party Location in West Akron is Laser Quest Akron

  1. Cindy says:

    Arlene, I know as an adult, I had a completely fun time. It is the best birthday party for parents to have their kids attend, nobody can complain about playing laser quest! There were several parents at the party that opted to play and they had a great time.

  2. Arlene Duncan says:

    Thanks for that wonderful write up on our birthday parties at Laser Quest, Veronica. From the pictures, it sounds like not just the young ones had a great time!

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