Active Fun with Family during Super Bowl Sunday

Many of us will be staying home and watching the Super Bowl with our families. Honestly, it’s what my family does every year. We enjoy special snacks and watch the game (and commercials!) together.

This year, everyone is pushing people to stay home including Dr. Anthony Fauci who says we should “just lay low and cool it” when it comes to the Super Bowl. Whether you listen to him or not, it’s probably a good idea not to be in crowds eating and yelling at the TV this Super Bowl!

Staying home doesn’t mean no fun! With a little planning, this could be the best Super Bowl with your family ever. Your kids will love the addition of fun at-home activities that you do with them, because afterall, isn’t it the time we spend with our kids the most treasured of all?

Farthest Football Throw:

Let your kids be the quarterback! Grab a measuring tape and have a fun competition between parents and kids on who can throw the farthest. Be sure to let kids help out with measuring the distance.

Glove Grip Test:

Players wear gloves, so should we. In fact, with the Arctic Blast coming our way this weekend, we all need to wear gloves! Football players wear gloves for a better grip. Search through all your gloves and test how what gloves help and which ones don’t. Test is out by wearing the gloves and measuring distances with football throws. Try winter gloves, sports gloves, gardening gloves, cleaning gloves, etc.

Football Practice Drills:

Football players work hard to get in shape to play the game. Get your team in shape with some fun drills on Super Bowl Sunday!
Run in place for 30 seconds, Stand up and sit down 10 times, do 25 jumping jacks, see how many squats you can do in 15 seconds, do Arm circles forward for 30 seconds and backward for 30 seconds, and do 10 frog jumps.

Ball-toss homework practice:

Just because it is Super Bowl Sunday doesn’t mean there is no homework! If your child has a spelling test next week, try this game. Toss a ball in the air and say the first letter of the word you are working on then the next person says the next letter and so on. For math problems, do a jumping jack every time the answer is an even number.

Virtual Sports Camps:

Some of the tips above are courtesy of Skyhawks. They offer in person and virtual sports classes to keep your kids active year-round. Although they don’t have any in person camps near Akron right now, you can sign up for virtual camps!

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