Castaway Bay Winter Indoor Waterpark

It is the time of year when Ohioans long for warmer weather, when it seems like Summer is so far from now. My family escaped to 82 degree temps a couple weeks ago and we didn’t even leave Ohio! We were invited to a blogger’s event at Castaway Bay, where it is always 82 degrees! It was a much needed winter getaway. It is so amazing to walk around in 82 degrees of warmth when it’s freezing cold outside. It warms your body and soul!

My kids love the water, so they were super excited when they heard we were going to Castaway Bay. Elijah was even more excited when he found out we’d be there ON his 7th birthday. What could be a better surprise than enjoying their birthday at Castaway Bay!?

I checked in while my husband and kids checked out the super fun lobby at Castaway Bay. It’s all decorated in a shipwrecked theme with a large ship crashed up against a wall of rocks. The only thing that would make it better is if kids could actually climb the structure!

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We were able to go to Castaway Bay last year when my kids were just 4 & 6. Read the full review here. They had a fantastic time last year, I wondered if they would do anything new this year at ages 5 & 7. Just one year makes a big difference when kids are this young. They were able to do so much more this year at Cedar Point compared to last year too. Castaway Bay is a Cedar Fair property too.

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Castaway Bay Indoor Waterpark Video Tour

Castaway Bay Wave Pool

This year, the biggest hit was the wave pool with the Rendezvous Run a close second! Castaway Bay is 38,000 square feet of warm, indoor waterpark fun. The wave pool is fun when the ways are crashing in when they are not. Kids love to swim in the large swimming area when the waves aren’t on but all the action and squeals of delight happen when the waves are turned back on, every 10 minutes.  Elijah enjoyed diving into the waves as well as swimming with the waves. Elizabeth had fun with Mommy or Daddy in the deep end (5 ft) as well as jumping over the waves at the shallow end. You can’t go wrong with the wave pool, so many waterparks don’t have wave pools. I find this a huge benefit for Castaway Bay! It’s our favorite part of Wildwater Kingdom too (also a Cedar Fair property).

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Castaway Bay Rendezvous Run

We must have rode the Castaway Bay Rendezvous Run a dozen times during our visit! There were no lines so we would go on it three times in a row without even thinking about it. This was something our kids were too small for last year. You have to be 42″ tall to ride. Rendezvous Run is a water roller coaster that is 35 feet high and 520 feet long. I rode with Elijah when we first got there with my husband and Elizabeth coming next. Seriously, it’s a thrilling roller coaster that propels you up and down hills with water jets, with water splashing down on you, dark tunnels, and twists and turns. I screamed and held on all the way. I yelled to Elijahs, “Happy Birthday, Elijah” on our first trip. He said it was the best Birthday ever!

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So, I did worry that the action would be too much for my daughter who just turned 5. I was a worrying mom, hoping she would hold on enough and not be scared. When she came down the water roller coaster with her dad, she was all smiles and wanted to go again! Both my kids loved it and by the 2nd day, they were riding the water roller coaster together, without mom or dad. I’m still not sure how I feel about this, their independence is exciting and scary at the same time for mom!

Castaway Bay Lookout Lagoon Family Funhouse

The Castaway Bay Lookout Lagoon Family Funhouse has always been a family favorite with the multiple levels to climb and explore, the squirt guns and other water devices to soak people with, and the variety of slides. It was a hit this year too although I didn’t soak as many passerby people as I normally do since so many were mommy bloggers! HA! My kids loved the slides and we went down all of them!

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Castaway Bay Creature Crossing and Cargo Crossing

Castaway Bay Creature Crossing is their activity pool with large animals for kids to play on and around including a dolphin and alligator. Plus, there are a few water basketball hoops to play with. My kids liked the water basketball and just swimming in this warmer than other spots pool. Which brings me to temperature. I’ve been to quite a few indoor waterparks during cold months, some are warm, some are cool. Castaway Bay temperature is right on at 82 degrees! We enjoyed both the air and water temperature everywhere – they did a great job!

Cargo Crossing is a fun activity that Elijah is always drawn to. He loves a challenge and did a great job, see below! I wonder if I’ll ever get the nerve to try it? It looks so fun!

Castaway Bay Toddler’s Tide Pool

We checked out Castaway Bay Toddler’s Tide Pool briefly. Elizabeth wanted to go down a couple slides. It was a good time to check it out for those with babies and toddlers. It is a good size with a couple bigger slides as well as small, soft slides. There are a few activities where the water splashes down on the young ones too. It is the perfect size to keep an eye on babies while safely away from bigger kids!

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Be sure to check out the Grotto indoor and outdoor 100 person hot tub. It is especially wonderful at the end of your visit, to warm completely up before heading back outside to the cold Ohio winter! My kids thought it was amazing to be able to go outside in the hot tub and see the snow on the ground! It was soooo warm, just what I needed this Winter. How I wish I could go back right now!

Castaway Bay Arcade Crabbie’s Quarterdeck Arcade

You’ve gotta get out of the water at some point and when you do, there is plenty to do at Castaway Bay, staring at Castaway Bay Arcade Crabbie’s Quarterdeck Arcade! There is so much to do from little kids to adults.  Elizabeth still enjoyed the ride-ons while Elijah was all about earning points for prizes! It was just a fun, relaxing

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Things to do at Castaway Bay

There are plenty of things to do at Castaway Bay after your time at the waterpark. Read all about their spa here. Castaway Bay offers up a full schedule of activities and events, many of which are free, everyday. Check out the schedule when you arrive to plan out your visit. We were able to make our own Castaway Bay tshirts and decorate cookies. You’ve gotta stop by Ebb & Eddy’s for hand scooped ice cream!

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Castaway Bay Rooms

We found the entire resort, including rooms to be neat and clean. They offer a variety of room sizes and suites to meet your needs. Our room even had a balcony, although it was way too cold to enjoy it!

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Castaway Bay Birthday

It is fun to celebrate your birthday at Castaway Bay – just ask my son, Elijah! Join the Castaway Bay Birthday Club and the birthday kid gets a free day pass or if you stay overnight, they get a birthday fun pack! Elijah was super excited to receive this balloon bouquet from our TunderTech friends, PR for Castaway Bay. Thank you! You can also purchase this for your child.

picture of Castaway Bay Birthday
Castaway Bay Birthday

Wrap up your nite with a bedtime movie and storytime with Snoopy. They play a short Peanuts movie clip. Then, a Castaway Bay employee reads a bedtime story to Snoopy and your kids. Plan for your kids to wear their pajamas to this event, even Snoopy does! Plus, you can get your kid’s picture taken with Snoopy and it’s so adorable in pjs!

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Throughout our stay, we saw several of the Peanuts gang. Even on our way out! My kids enjoyed getting a close up look and their pictures taken with them. We were also pleasantly surprised to receive free face painting from the company that does face painting at Cedar Point. They were trying out new designs, what do you think?

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Book your Castaway Bay Winter Getaway!

Now is the perfect time to plan your trip to Castaway Bay. They are always offering great specials and family packages!! There is one now for just $99!  Find out more on the Castaway Bay website or call 419-627-2106.

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