CoCo Key Water Resort Ohio Indoor Waterpark at Cherry Valley Lodge

picture of Turning the water wheel at CoCo Key

CoCo Key Water Resort takes you to the balmy 84 degree Florida Keys anytime of the year without leaving Ohio. Located just north of Columbus, it is an easy destination to get away from the norm and into the splashing fun and excitement of an indoor waterpark. We were recently invited to check out the central Ohio waterpark, CoCo Key Water Resort.  I have been to several waterparks in the past and honestly, CoCo Key Water Resort and Cherry Valley Lodge really impressed me! Read my full review of Cherry  Valley Lodge.

CoCo Key Water Resort is a perfect escape with a variety of interactive adventure areas for all ages. It is 50,000 sq feet of exciting, water fun!

Parrot’s Perch

This is where we spent most of our time. There are a zillion things to do and all involve getting wet or getting other people wet!

Check out this quick video overview.

Parrots Perch is vibrant, exciting, and there is an adventure around every corner.

picture of Parrot's Perch at CoCo Key Ohio Indoor Waterpark
Parrot's Perch at CoCo Key Ohio Indoor Waterpark

As you can see, there are multiple levels for you to climb up via steps, rope ladders, and bridges.

picture of Parrots Perch Ohio Indoor Waterpark
Parrots Perch Ohio Indoor Waterpark

Elijah first headed for the moving water tables where you can move each piece to make one long connected table or rip them apart quickly to soak the person next to you! This is a great feature because even young kids can play here because there is no standing water.

picture of Building Water Machine
Building Water Table

Short video clip of the water table in action:

Elizabeth loved turning the wheel back and forth and watching how it made the water pressure change.

picture of Turning the water wheel at CoCo Key
Turning the water wheel at CoCo Key

Short video of the water wheel in action:

Each landing has a special water feature and squirting machines to get people down below wet. My 2 year old niece really enjoyed the fountains that shoot up from the floor, and the anticipation of when they would shoot off next!

picture of Shooting up fountains
Shooting up fountains

Elijah loved waiting for the water to shoot him in the face! Crazy Boy!

picture of Soaked from the floor fountains!
Soaked from the floor fountains!

The double orange slide is a fairly easy slide for kids to go down but don’t think your safe from water pouring on your head. There are 2 locations where kids can spray directly at those going down this slide. We did ask for special allowances for my 2 year old niece. 😉 Here’s Elijah going down full-force!

picture of Waterslide at Ohio Indoor Waterpark
Waterslide at Ohio Indoor Waterpark

Elijah and Elizabeth both agree that their favorite waterslide at Parrots Perch is the big open, blue slide. Elijah has gone down waterslides before so I was confident that he would be ok going down this slide.

picture of Elijah on Waterslide
Elijah on Waterslide
picture of Happy boy at the bottom of the waterslide!
Happy boy at the bottom of the waterslide!

I took a trial run and was surprised at how fast it went and the spraying water that comes down at you a couple places from kids having fun above! Elizabeth, my 3 year old wanted to go on it. Who am I to say no to my adventurous girl?

picture of Eliabeth coming down the waterslide and through spraying water
Eliabeth coming down the waterslide and through spraying water

My sister waited below to catch her as the water does gush up at your face even though it doesn’t dump you in a pool of water.

picture of Happy girl on waterslide
Happy girl on waterslide

I couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed it! Elizabeth was so proud that she went down her first big slide! This is the kind of memories waterparks like CoCo Key Water Resort! I was proud of her too and we continued to go down the slide about a dozen more times! Good thing for us, there was just a short line during the day and practically nobody there after 5pm so we could go down as many times as we wanted!

Of course, every waterpark needs a giant bucket to dump hundreds of gallons of water on screaming people below!

Zero Depth Entry Pool

For kids under 48″, the Zero Depth Entry Pool is a great spot to hang out. There are sprayers, fountains that shoot up from the ground, 2 water slides, and a place to play water basketball.

picture of Zero Depth Entry Pool Fountain Fun
Zero Depth Entry Pool Fountain Fun
picture of Elizabeth having fun in the fountain
Elizabeth having fun in the fountain

Splashing buckets of water fill up and dump down on kids underneath.

picture of Buckets dumping at CoCo Key
Buckets dumping at CoCo Key

There are 2 fairly fast moving slides that dump into about 2 feet of water which isn’t much but enough to catch younger kids by surprise.

Coconut Grove Adventure River

When you need a break, take your kids on the Coconut Grove Adventure River where you can grab a tube and float down the river. Of course there are several places where water will spray at you overhead! Everyone must be in a tube but you can carry your young kids on your lap, there is no height limitations.

picture of Coconut Grove Adventure River Indoor Waterpark Ride
Coconut Grove Adventure River Indoor Waterpark Ride

Coral Reef Cavern

Bigger kids enjoy the Coral Reef Cavern that reaches up to 4 feet deep. Grab a life vest for your younger kids. There is plenty of fun in this activity pool including water basketball and lily pad walk.

picture of Coral Reef Cavern Activity Pool
Coral Reef Cavern Activity Pool

Palm Grotto Indoor/Outdoor Spa & Body and Raft Water Slides

With kids under 42″ we were not able to enjoy the adults-only Palm Grotto Indoor/Outdoor Spa but it looked fabulous. We were not able to experience the Shark Slam, Gator Gush, or Barracuda body and raft water slides but they looked exciting! The line wasn’t long at all when we were there the first day, and it was moving quickly on the 2nd day when it was a “special price” day. I didn’t hear anyone complaining of the wait. The body and raft waterslides empty into the adventure river.

CoCo Key Water Resort Arcade

I am not easily impressed with arcades in general. When I gave each of my kids $10 to spend at the CoCo Key Water Resort Arcade, I expected to be done in 1/2 hour or less. I was so surprised that we were hitting ride and game one after another after another for a solid hour! There was plenty for my kids to play, however older kids would have a blast with more to choose from that is age appropriate.

picture of CoCo Key Water Resort Arcade
CoCo Key Water Resort Arcade

There are plenty of games to play including Guitar Hero, prize snatching, foose ball, skee ball, spin the wheel, photo machine, race car, shoot the aliens, motorcycle race, dancing, and many more.

picture of Newark Ohio Arcade at CoCo Key Water Resort
Newark Ohio Arcade at CoCo Key Water Resort

When you are great at the game or just lucky, you can earn tickets for prizes too. Even at the age of 5, kids learn which machines are more generous with winning tickets and go for those!

picture of Winning Tickets at the CoCo Arcade
Winning Tickets at the CoCo Arcade

At the end of a full hour of play, my kids won some great prizes! What a deal!

picture of Arcade Prizes from CoCo Key Arcade
Arcade Prizes from CoCo Key Arcade

Visit CoCo Key Water Resort, an Ohio Indoor Waterpark

All of this fun is more affordable that you would think. They often run specials where you can get tickets for as little as $9.99 each. Prices generally range from $10 – $19.99 per person.

I would recommend CoCo Key Water Resort for families with kids ages 3 – 10. I feel that this park is best suited for that age group. That being said, the entire family, teens and toddlers included can have a fun time at this waterpark.

My only word of caution is that if you plan to go on a super deal day, expect a lot of other people to be there too! The first day we were at the park, there were not many people there and we had a super time. The second day was a $10 day and it was a zoo! We were not able to do as many activities, especially with younger kids. I also recommend staying later into the evening when most people are off to dinner and heading home!

You can also take advantage of the the great family packages offered when you stay at Cherry  Valley  Lodge.  I love the Ohio Family Getaway option with the  Shiver Me Timber Family Package. This awesome Ohio Family Getaway for 4 goes for about $249 and includes:

  • Overnight Stay for 2 nights
  • 4 Water Park Passes for the whole stay
  • 4 Tickets to the Works Museum
  • 4 passes to choice of bowling or putt-putt golf
  • 4 Movie Theatre tickets to Hollywood Theatres
  • Pizza Hut Express Family Dinner
  • 2 Child Size t-shirts
  • $5.00 Arcade Cards

Win 4 Tickets to CoCo Key Water Resort (Closed)

Updated: 9-18-10 Winner Announced:  Congratulations, Connie Black, entry #74! Thanks to all who entered to win, make plans to take a trip to CoCo Key soon, they  have many great online deals, check them out!

CoCo Key Water Resort has generously offered one lucky winner 4 tickets to CoCo Key Water Resort. $80 Value! (Be sure to also enter to win the Family  Getaway with accommodations at Cherry Valley Lodge and 4 ticktes to CoCo Key Water Resort here.)

Contest ends at 11:59pm EST on September 15, 2010 when a winner will be drawn at random and announced the next day. When commenting, please include your email address (not visible to public). I will notify the winners and they will have 36 hours to respond!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Cherry Valley Lodge & CoCo Key Water Resort for accommodations and tickets for review.

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135 thoughts on “CoCo Key Water Resort Ohio Indoor Waterpark at Cherry Valley Lodge

  1. Heather says:

    I’d love to take my toddler to the interactive fountains that come up from the ground. We have one of those downtown and she LOVED going to play in them over the summer. She’s totally bummed that we can’t go play in the water anymore.

  2. Jenn Farris says:

    We would love to play hard on all the water slides, water basketball, relax on the lazy river and enjoy good food at CoCo Key Water Resort. My boys love water parks!

  3. Samantha A says:

    I learned that there is a location in Columbus! We visit there many, many times a year and I never would have known about this place without your review. Thanks SO much – this would be a shame to miss

  4. Cara says:

    My family would love everything at this resort. From the waterpark to the arcade room. We always hit the ones in Sandusky but have been looking for something else geared towards our younger kids. This place looks great

  5. James R. Torakeo says:

    The water park looks like alot of fun. The lounge and bar looks inviting. Looks like a really nice place for any age.

  6. connie black says:

    My kids would like ALL of the water activites and they would also love the arcade….my husband included! lol

  7. Chelsea says:

    This place looks like fun! They have an option to have a birthday party at the park, I think thats looks interesting. The kids would love it!

  8. Leslianne Love says:

    My kids would love this waterpark! We didn’t get to take a vacation this Summer because I was not working most of the year and just started my new job in May (as school was ending!) This would be a wonderful weekend vacation for me and my girls.

  9. Sarah Sisler says:

    CocoKey and Cherry Lodge look amazing, I like that it at one location! Made sure to let all my Mom friends know about this

  10. Stacie Figley says:

    The water slides will be perfect for my kids. Safe but big enough that they can scream all the way down!

  11. Lauren Presutti says:

    This water park looks awesome, and something I know my kids would enjoy. Can’t wait to try it out when the weather gets cooler!

  12. Nicole Robertson says:

    Visited the CoCo Key resort site and saw they have a Zero Depth Entry Pool, which would be awesome for my 3 year old!! She is like a fish in water and could just stay all day!! Yahoo and Google Buzzed also as well as liking on facebook 🙂

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