20 Entrepreneurial Gifts for your Inventive and Crafty Child

From Kid to Entrepreneur with the tools to get there

I am blessed with two creative crafty and genius children.. Aren’t we all? As mom and dad both work from home to earn a living, they see our examples and strive to compete with us and each other.

While there are a number of great business idea pages for kids, I thought I’d get into some specifics about MY kids- what drives them, what they’ve thought about, and what I thought would help them realize their potential. So, presented below are a set of tools, wishlist items, and supplies that we see as a means to earning pocket money. This article does contain a few affiliate links.

Metal Stamping Letter Kit

Letter and Number Steel Stamps come in a few sizes up to about 1/2″ in height. These stamps, when used with a simple hammer, can impress their raised lettering onto the target metal- great for jewelry, name plates, and ID bracelets.

Grow Lights

My son has a green thumb and a love for animals and all things outdoors. This passion could be harnessed into growing plants for sale. Grow lights go a long way in the dark winter.

Laser Engraver

Similar to the Manual Letter Stamps Mentioned above, laser engravers can turn computer generated images and shapes into wood and other laser engravable materials. This particular model is under $150.

The Cricut Craft Cutter

Having reviewed one of these in the past, these Cricut devices are amazing for crafting, vinyl stickers, home decor and more. We’ve used ours for cake decorations, school projects, and, hmm, I should REALLY re-introduce this to my kids.

A Wood Splitting Axe

When we have guests to our home, we often here “We’re so glad we are here, your son can teach ours how to be a boy”. I’m proud of my outdoorzie son. He splits wood for us… With an Axe… He should sell firewood.

A Sewing Machine

I absolutely hate watching the news and learning that Millennials think that 18 is the new 15, and that having more skills than Napoleon Dynamite is a sin. A Sewing Machine sets a young woman apart from all others. Skills.

A Trip to a Second Hand or Thrift Shop

Sometimes, when I am driving past, I’ll stop at Village Thrift in Cuyahoga Falls. While the characters can be unique, the finds can be even more outrageous. I’ve been asked to go there to find glass for some terrariums on our list to build.

A Surface Pro

Did you know Surface Pro devices can be setup to run the fastest Core i7 Processors? I honestly didn’t till I just looked. Technology for creating design isn’t much good without a powerhouse to do it from!

Air Plants

What’s a creative terrarium for sale, or a living piece of jewelry without an air plant? These Tillandsia just make sense! (Grow light approved!!)

A Leaf Blower

What’s a leaf raking business unless you can use the right tools? We have a Husqvarna chainsaw at home, and it’s a powerhouse- I’d expect no less from this leaf blower.

A Trip to Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight boasts a wide array of tools and gadgets. While you won’t find major US Brands on their shelves, you will find price points that reflect that. We have a few Harbor Freight Tools in our toolbox already- no complaints! There is a store right in Akron, and more scattered around Northeast Ohio.

A 3D Printer

Nothing is more novel than seeing your own creation come to life. As 3D Printers are part of our shared, and, it seems, ahead of schedule future, giving children the tools to embrace it makes sense. (Prices have fallen by an order of magnitude on these devices over the past 3 years, check it out)

A Well Built Snow Shovel

Snow is heavy… and your neighbors likely agree. Send your kids out among the neighborhood equipped with a load reducing snow shovel- allowing them to work longer than they otherwise could.

A Photo and Video Editor

We’re blessed to REQUIRE a full Adobe suite of applications in our house. Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere (for Video) is a great way to introduce kids to powerful image and video editing without breaking the bank.

A Scroll Saw Kit (by Dremel)

This beautiful tool can not only be used as a scroll saw to cut out shapes from wood and more, but also as a handheld coping saw for other projects. It’s truly a multi-tool made by the multi-tool experts.

Electronics Starter Kit

There are some amazing low cost opportunities for getting started in Electronics. You never know when your child might piece together a new concept that could launch their robotics career!

A Starter Guide to Programming

With a computer in hand, there is virtually no cost to learning to program. Resources online are amazing, and introductory tools for kids like Scratch are beautiful and fun!

A Car Wash Kit

Sure it looks like a machine gun, but you can’t buy a teen a Sponge and tell him to start a car wash business.. You need to provide the right incentive!

A Domain Name

In the world of social media, usernames are a dime a dozen, and can get out of your control. A domain name can be a home base to start a business, and can be connected to any website today or.. can wait a decade.

Terrarium Glass

This is all we talk about at homeL Terrarium, Vivariums and Aquariums. Coupled with Air Plants, this goes a long way towards setting up shop at the local art fair.

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