Take Crafting to the Next Level with Cricut Explore Air Machine Available at Kohl’s

So, it turns out, you are either a knowledgeable crafter, or you are like me and fairly limited in crafting skills.  As being part of the set that is like me, I was introduced to the Cricut Explore Air Machine by Kohl’s- they sent me one to try out and I am learning way more and creating new things faster than I ever thought possible. The Circut Explore Air Machine will take your crafting (and scrape-booking) to the next level, no matter where your starting point!

Cricut review

Not only do I now look uber creative, with having the right time-saving tool I actually think I can craft my heart out!

Using the Cricut Explore Air Machine for Card Making

The Cricut Explore Air Machine system doesn’t say on the box but it comes with a month’s subscription to 100s of project files, and a stipend for purchasing designs. Your imagination – or that of the subscription is your only limit. You can upload your own images to really personalize your projects. With Cricut, you can cut and write and score all at once! The Cricut is as easy to use too, it is even bluetooth enabled so you can cut from anywhere!

Cricut reviewOut of the box you can use your collection of card stock or even construction paper (card stock is better) to create beautiful multi layer designs.


The Cricut has a easy to use Smart Set Dial to adjust to what surface you are using from vinyl to iron-on- to fabric to poster board. I don’t think there is anything this device can use! Precision cutting creates a clean line with every cut, on every type of surface, every time.

Cricut reviewI cut out a simple project in about 3 minutes (assembly time was extra) using the Cricut. The designs are amazing, and what is cool is they are in part hand made, so the recipient will definitely appreciate it. And with the customization capabilities, items are a real conversation starter. I am making Mother’s Day cards with my kids for all the moms and grandmas in our lives. My kids LOVE this machine, as does my husband. It has become a new hobby for us all.

Using the Cricut Explore in Home Remodeling

Background: We’re redoing our kitchen and dining room floor this month. The slab floor has been an incredible headache with leveling, concrete, glue, plywood, etc… It’s really quite horrendous, but we’re getting it to be right, slowly. To extend the pain even longer we have decided to put down a paper bag floor.


So, what is a paper bag floor you ask? Well there are dozens of posts by bloggers who have done it – basically it is torn paper bags soaked in Elmer’s glue, put down on the floor in your choice of pattern, stained, and then top coated with layers of polyurethane of one good layer of epoxy. Keep on reading and following this blog – we’ll be gluing these down shortly.

So, get this. I think I am the first person to do this. We’ve downloaded a set of vectors of bird outlines and loaded them into the Cricut Design software. From there we have fed the Cricut Kraft Paper (aka paper bags) in 10″ x 10″ sections and cut out patterns of our favorite bird life that we see through our windows every day. We’re obviously going to embed these birds into our floor.

I feel like it will show off both our creativity and love of nature, giving our home such a personal touch.

Cricut Explore Air Machine in Action

Watch how quickly and precise the Cricut Explore Air Machine is in action:

Using the Cricut for Vinyl Wall Decor

As you may have seen in the past, we have a great backyard near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and we see lots of birds. In the last week we have seen 4 kinds of woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jays, grosbeaks, gold finches, European starlings, red winged black birds, nut hatch, tufted titmouse, and occasionally a sparrow. We buy Suet packages from Marc’s (the best deal on gooey bird seed) and we are entertained year round.

bird watching names decor

As amateur bird watchers, we want visitors to our house to know what we have seen (yes, it is bragging, but its just birds) so we plan on cutting out the names of the birds we have seen in white window cling and adhering them above our windows. Neat Idea?

Purchase Cricut at Kohls.com

As you can see we are really enjoying our Cricut in a variety of ways and have many more projects in the works – don’t worry, I’ll share those too! I’ve never been so excited about a product in a long time!

Take your crafting and scrape-booking to the next level with your own Cricut and supplies, available at Kohl’s online.  Cricut would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift t00 – put the hint in to your family now or buy it for grandma!

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