Simple Hands-On Activity for the Birds

DIY Bird Feeder craft

When the sun comes out, we come out!

Staying at home to slow the spread of COVID-19 is easier to do when the weather is nice. Spending time in the fresh air is much more enjoyable for my family than being indoors.

Today, we took a break from distance learning to do a hands-on activity outside.

It is so simple! We made our own bird feeders, and you can too with just a few items.

Most of us stocked up on extra toilet paper, and other supplies, to lessen our trips to the store during the pandemic. Save some of those empty rolls for this craft.

My three sons took three toilet paper rolls, a plate full of peanut butter, a plate of bird seed and some twine outside and crafted a snack for the birds. And, for the squirrels.

Spread the peanut butter all around the roll, then generously spoon bird seed on the peanut butter.

You can even roll it in the seed if you wish. And that is it. We then hung them up and waited.

My boys loved that the squirrels found the snack first. Some birds eventually joined in, as well.

Is there anything better than watching nature while getting in a natural dose of Vitamin D? We also made a special memory during an unprecedented time in life, which is a reason to smile brightly.

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Emily, a freelance journalist, is the proud mom of five children, ages 4 to 12. She and her husband have been married 14 years, moving to the Akron area for employment 11 years ago. Although both originally from Pennsylvania, the couple fell in love with Ohio and are proud to call the state “home.” Emily and her family – also including a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel pup and a Holland Lop bunny – now reside in the Hartville area. She and her family love going on adventures, game nights, reading together and exploring and playing in their big backyard. Emily likes lending a hand at her church and children’s school. She enjoys family time, Bible studies, bargain shopping, trying new recipes, exercising and beach vacations!
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