DIY Valentine’s Day Love Monsters – Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

Looking for a fun little Valentine’s Day craft that is as sweet as it looks?

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Check out Wonderful Halos Valentine’s Day Love Monsters! This adorable little craft takes just minutes and will delight your kids!

DIY Valentine’s Day Love Monsters

Depending on the age, your kids can help with various steps in this easy Valentine’s Day craft!

DIY Valentine’s Day Love Monsters Materials:

  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun + hot glue
  • Felt
  • Googly Eyes
  • Stickers

DIY Valentine’s Day Love Monsters Instructions:

  1. Create heart shapes out of pipe cleaners then twist the bottoms together and puncture into the Halos mandarin. Your kids will like sticking the hearts into the Halos mandarin but be sure they don’t stick it all the way through to the orange.
  2. Cut 2″ hearts from felt – use any color you want! Feel free to mix and match. Kids can help pick out the colors for their Valentine’s Day Love Monster.
  3. Hot glue the felt heart “feet” to the bottom of the Halo mandarin – adults or older kids/teens only.
  4. Hot glue googly eyes to the Halo mandarin – adults or older kids/teens only.
  5. You can continue decorating with stickers – this is an easy part that kids of any age will enjoy doing!  If you use conversation hearts like me, read each one to them and let them pick out the best one for them, mommy, daddy, siblings, etc.

Valentine’s Day Love Monsters are the perfect little surprise to give your kids this afternoon for their after-school snack. It is also a sweet little table favor to put out at dinnertime tonight. If you have a Valentine’s Day party or event tonight, bring a few extra friends with you – your Valentine’s Day Love Monsters! They are sure to be a huge hit. You can surprise your neighbors and grandma with a little monster too.

I love that this craft is easy and super cute to do with kids of any age – with help depending on the age. I also like that the Halos mandarin is sweet and everyone loves them. It cuts down on the SUGAR rush of Valentine’s Day and nobody will miss it because of how sweet and juicy Halos mandarins are!

If you plan to make these early in the day or the day before, refrigerate. Sometimes the pipe cleaners puncture through to the orange and not just the skin – especially if your child is doing this step!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Find more fun crafts and recipes on the Wonderful Halos website.

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