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crafty halloween gift ideas from Eos Smooth Sphere lip balm

I love giving and receiving crafty gifts around the holidays.  To pass muster with me and get on my “to do” list, the gift idea needs to be cute and simple.  Our friends at eos beauty products are sharing some great cute, simple craft ideas for the Halloween season.  All of the crafts listed use eos’ Smooth Sphere lip balms as the base.  At only $3.49 each, these lively lip balm crafts are great gifts for guests at Halloween parties, your favorite babysitter, or  your kids’ teachers.  I think we’ll be making a few of these gems for my girls’ teachers, and maybe a few for ourselves, too!  Maybe you’ve got other ideas on how to use the eos Smooth Spheres as Spooktacular Halloween decorations and gifts?  

Crafty gift ideas with Eos Smooth Sphere lip balmBobbing for Apples:  Why should kids have all the fun at Halloween? Give the grown-ups something to trick or treat for with this cute Halloween display: bobbing for eos-apples. They’ll appreciate your thoughtful treat, and their lips will continue to thank you long after the kids’ candy is gone.
•    Small galvanized metal tub/Filler grass/Tulle netting/Mini foam apples/Red eos spheres (summer fruit)
1.    Fill the galvanized metal tub with filler grass & top with tulle netting.
2.    Finish with red eos spheres and mini decorative apples.


crafty halloween gift ideas from Eos Smooth Sphere lip balmJack-o’-Lantern Twins: Give these Halloween cuties to your favorite dynamic duo!
•    Cardboard egg carton/Mini cupcake liners/Self-stick craft foam/Ribbon/Glue (hot glue or tacky glue)/Scissors /2 orange eos spheres (medicated tangerine)
1.    Cut two joined cups from an egg carton & trim sides. Make sure you leave the cups joined together.
2.    Glue ribbon handle to either side of the egg carton & allow glue to dry.
3.    Cut down the side of one cupcake liner & cut the bottom off. Glue around the outside of one egg carton cup & repeat for second egg carton cup.
4.    Glue a whole cupcake liner to the outside of each egg carton cup. You should now have a double-layer of cupcake liners on the outside of each egg carton cup.
5.    Turn two cupcake liners inside-out, & glue to inside of each egg carton cup.
6.    Cut jack-o’-lantern features from self-stick craft foam, stick facial features on eos spheres & place them in egg carton cups.


crafty gift ideas for halloween from Eos Smooth sphere lip balmCount Dracula: I vant to soften your lips!
•    Cardboard egg carton/Craft foam or card stock (black)/Scrap cardboard (white)/Narrow red  ribbon or marker/Gold foil star/Black paint (acrylic or spray paint)/ Glue/Scissors/Green eos sphere (honeysuckle honeydew)
1.    Cut a single cup from an egg carton, trim sides & paint cup black (inside and out).   Allow paint to dry.
2.    Cut a small bib out of scrap cardboard.  If you need a template, trace a nickel & cut circle in half. Cut a triangular notch in the half-circle.
3.    Glue a “v” of red ribbon on either side of the notch in the half-circle & glue gold foil star to the red ribbon.
4.    For Dracula’s collar, cut a 2×2” square of black craft foam or card stock. Cut “swoops” in one side of the square for Dracula’s pointed collar and glue it to the back of black egg cup. Glue white bib to front of egg cup and place green eos sphere into cup.

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