Dogs Rule! Cats…Not So Much

Disney premiered a new short-form series “Dogs Rule! Cats…Not So Much” on Friday. It looks like a super fun program for both kids and adults, exclusively on WATCH Disney Channel all this month. “Dogs Rule! Cats…Not So Much” features hysterical home videos of both canines and felines that will make your whole family laugh.

We about flipped when we watch this short two-minute clip of the dog who thinks he is a kangaroo because OUR dog thinks he is a kangaroo. I bet they both have Rhodesian Ridgeback in their bloodline!

If it wasn’t freezing cold outside and snow covered, I would have tried to shoot a video of our dog Roxy doing this exact kangaroo jump. She does it every time she goes outside as she hunts for anything she can stir up in the woods. Tonight, it was a mole. yikes. Thankfully, she hasn’t hunted for any of our neighbor’s new kittens! I wonder what Stan from the hit Disney Channel “Dog with a Blog” would think of that! LOL (No worries, we keep her away from his yard and the kittens!)

The popular canine from Disney “Dog with a Blog” is the host for this short-form series, “Dogs Rule! Cats…Not So Much” show. Stan is super clever and does a fantastic job at introducing the videos, trying to prove that dogs rule while cats are put to shame with “Cat Fail” video clips. Don’t worry about cat bashing though, it is all in good fun and Stan’s stage manager Meghan is a Persian cat who keeps him in line.

Download the WATCH Disney Channel app for your smartphone and tablet now. You won’t want to miss another “Dogs Rule! Cats…Not So Much” episode!

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