Fail safe way to introduce gardening to kids

picture of My girl excited about growing flowers indoors

My kids are huge nature lovers, maybe your child isn’t and you would like to introduce them to the joy of flower or vegetable gardening. Miracle-Gro® has a new product just for kids of all kinds, Miracle-Gro® Kids Gardening Kits.  Designed by Peachtree Playthings and coupled with the quality of Miarcle-Gro, it is the perfect introduction to gardening for any child (fun for adults too).

The Miracle-Gro Kids Gardening Kits come in a variety of sizes and sets for flowers or vegetables. It comes with Miracle-Gro Gro-Mix so you don’t be disappointed in the results. This is pretty much a fail safe way to introduce gardening to kids. Each kit comes with seeds, instructions, and a mini-greenhouse. They promise results within 2 weeks, but my kids had seedlings in just days.

Miracle-Gro Kids Mini Greenhouse for Sunflowers Review

I have been meaning to plant sunflowers for the past several years. It is just an amazing flower with huge blooms that is exciting for kids and adults alike. I was thrilled to get started with a review of the Miracle-Gro® Kids Mini Greenhouse for Sunflowers.

picture of Miracle Gro Kids Mini Greenhouse
Miracle Gro Kids Mini Greenhouse

This kit was easy for my 4 and 6 year old kids to do all by themselves, with mom reading the instructions. Simply add water to theMiracle-Gro Gro-Mix. My kids thought this was so cool to see this little bit of soil absorb  all the water and “grow”.

picture of Kids adding water to Miracle Gro Kids Gardening Kit
Kids adding water to Miracle-Gro Kids Gardening Kit

Next, they planted 4 sunflower seeds. The instructions stated that the extras could be used if the first 4 didn’t work. This was a good reminder for me as a parent to remind my kids that every seed may or may not work. This will hopefully combat any tears later on. I was so glad that Miarcle-Gro included extra seeds too.

picture of Kids planting sunflower seeds in Miracle Gro Kids Mini Greenhouse
Kids planting sunflower seeds in Miracle-Gro Kids Mini Greenhouse

Next, we added the lid to our mini-greenhouse. See how excited my 4 year old girl is about growing sunflowers indoors?

picture of My girl excited about growing flowers indoors
My girl excited about growing flowers indoors

MOMMY! You gotta come see!!!!” yelled my 6 year old boy when just a few days later we had sunflower seedlings growing! He was so excited and couldn’t wait to show all of us his discovery. See how happy he is with his seedlings?

picture of Miracle Gro Kids Greenhouse Growing Sunflowers
Miracle-Gro Kids Greenhouse Growing Sunflowers

I can’t wait to see how excited my kids are to see the large, beautiful sunflowers this summer when they are in full bloom. For kids to be able to see and understand the process leads to life long skills and joy of gardening.

Studies from Indiana University shows that gardening has been shown to foster life skills such as cooperation, leadership, and responsibility as well as increase a sense of pride, satisfaction, and belonging. Use Miracle-Gro Kids to get it all started.

Buy Miracle-Gro Kids Mini Greenhouses

You can buy Miracle-Gro Kids gardening kits and mini greenhouses nationwide at major retailers (Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart) and garden centers (Donzells and Graf Growers locally in Akron, OH). Find your nearest location here or shop online at

Kits ranging in price from $1 (Mini Greenhouse) to $12.99(3in1 Gardening Set), so it won’t break the bank.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Miracle-Gro who provided the product for review.

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