Family Fun at Clay’s Park Resort in Ohio

When Clay’s Park Resort invited us to check out their resort, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew it was a place near Canal Fulton that people have company picnics, and camp, but I didn’t know what to anticipate beyond that, and I couldn’t believe what I found (here’s a hint: family fun)!

We arrived during a monsoon, but we still snuck in some fun outside time when the rain broke here and there.  Normally there would be a lot more people enjoying the amenities, but as you can see, due to the weather we practically had the run of the place!cproller (1)

I received accommodations to facilitate this post.

Clay’s Park Resort Family Fun

Overnight at Clay’s Park Resort

The first thing I noticed about Clay’s Park Resort is how downright FRIENDLY the staff were.  From the gentleman that welcomed us at the gate to the office staff, the park patrol, and especially the BEACH staff. The lifeguards are really dedicated, both to protecting us in the water, and to making sure we had FUN! They laugh and joke with each other while keeping a watchful eye, which makes for a very laid back, relaxing time.

Here’s the cabin we stayed in. The porch swing on the front porch was very relaxing.

The facilities were great, all around.  The bathrooms right next to the campsite were sparkling clean, and newly remodeled.  The cabin we stayed in (the four person unit) was snug, but comfortable, and we enjoyed playing with our neighbors late into the night around the campfire.   If you are a light sleeper who goes to bed early, I’d recommend bringing a white noise machine.


I recommend checking out the “Glamping Tents.”  They are super comfy, and situated right in front of a lake.  When we return, we look forward to bringing our trusty old vintage camper (if your camper is older than 10 years, you’ll need to get the okay from the office staff- they like to keep the place looking tidy).

You’ve heard of glamping, right? Glamour Camping? You can get it here.

When you camp at the park (rates are very reasonable!), you get access to all the facilities I’ll discuss below.  You can also purchase daily admission to just the waterpark area for a very reasonable fee ($12-$15/pp).  

 Clay’s Park Resort Family Fun Activities

Clay’s Park offers many activities to entertain the entire family! The real gem of  Clay’s Park is the swimming lake.  It looks simple enough, but once your kids get out there, you’ll appreciate how truly great Clay’s Park is.  It’s really impossible not to have fun at this place, and your kids are going to get so much EXERCISE and not even realize it.  Everyone wears life jackets in the water, so you can rest easy that your kids will not sink while they are having the time of their lives. You can also bring your fishing pole, and not have to worry about getting a license with the lakes on the property.

cpzipstART (1)
Ready, set , go! The kids rode the zipline all day long!

There’s an area for little ones with floating obstacle courses, and fun climbing things, a beach, and then there’s the awesomeness of the slides, ZIPLINES,  a barrel rolling obstacle, an iceberg to climb and slide off of, and all sorts of fun things for them to swim around and do.  My kids favorite thing were the ziplines, for sure.  They went on them at least 50 times.cpzipboth (1)

The tiki bar and concession stand there at the beach are also something to check out.  The prices are EXCELLENT, and so are the products.  We really recommend their pizzas, at just $5 each for a 9″ pie of your choice, baked fresh right there.  Also included with your admission are canoes and kayaks to use on the lake, and a fun putt putt course.

cppizza (1)You can watch the kids all day long from the shore, with your favorite frozen drink.

cptable (1)There is even an indoor pool which is open from 10-8 daily, which the kids really enjoyed.  There is an adult swim every evening. We were surprised to see the same lifeguards from the beach in the pool with the kids, teaching them swimming skills.  


We will definitely be returning next year.  In fact, we plan to purchase the season pass there for just $220 for the family to go have a great time for the whole season.  For us, the drive to Clay’s Park is the same as the another local waterpark.  The kids really had the time of their lives, got more exercise, and made lots of friends at Clay’s, and their vote is to get the pass here next year instead.

Clay’s is also home to the Yankee Peddler festival coming up in September, the Warrior Dash, and many other concerts throughout the year.  Seriously, if you have not been to this place, especially if you have kids from 8-16, you have to check it out.

If you like good, old fashioned fun, Clay’s Park will equal family fun for you too!

Clay’s Park Resort
13190 Patterson St. N.W.
N. Lawrence, OH 44666 US
(330) 854-6691
1800 860-4FUN

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