Fuzzoodles Fiesta Fun for Boys and Girls

picture of Hanging out with Fuzzoodles

We had the opportunity to throw a Fuzzoodles Fiesta House Party Palooza today. Since we just poured 960 pounds of cement in our living room, we decided to have the party at our church. (more on the cement later!)

Fiesta Food

First, we served yummy fiesta foods for kids which includes yummy cupcakes from Sam’s Club – the best icing topped cupcakes around. The bright purple, blue, pink, and yellow stained the kids faces and the crumbs filled the floor – total success! (Don’t worry, Pastor, we cleaned up immediately and good!) We also served kid-favorite rice krispy treats and adult favorite tortilla chips with salsa!

picture of Eating before the Fuzzoodles Fiesta
Eating before the Fuzzoodles Fiesta

Camera Fail!

My camera is in the shop being repaired so I had to use camera backup #1. Camera Backup #1 decided to finally die today after eating 6 fresh batteries! So, luckily Camera Backup #2(which we almost recycled last week) came in handy. Unfortunately, Camera Backup #2 didn’t produce a ton of good pics of the yummy foods.  oh well.

Fuzzoodles Fiesta Fun

We had a good mix of boys and girls at the party, to my delight, all kids enjoyed Fuzzoodles – girls and boys!

Check out some Fiesta Fun in this video:

They couldn’t wait to start and most headed for the fun feet first.  You’ve got monster feet, hot pink high heels, and giant feet to choose from, what’s not to love?! The bright colors used for the Fuzzoodles are like super magnets for the kids. I like the mix of colors too. There are other fun add-ons too like eyes of all sorts, noses, ears, arms, purse, skirts, lips, bows, and more.

picture of Fuzzoodles Fiesta
Fuzzoodles Fiesta
picture of Making Fuzzoodles
Making Fuzzoodles

The girls loved the girly accessories. They started off with the hot pink high heels, added eyes with large lashes, lips, skirts, purses, and even boas.

picture of Fuzzoodles for girls
Fuzzoodles for girls

Boys liked making silly monsters of all kinds with Fuzzoodles – so did the girls!

picture of Fuzzoodles Monsters
Fuzzoodles Monsters
picture of Hanging out with Fuzzoodles
Hanging out with Fuzzoodles

The kids had a great time using the guides to get them started on their Fuzzoodles creations and then creating their own! This reasonably priced toy is a perfect option for Christmas this year! It’s a toy and craft in one!

Did the kids like Fuzzoodles? The below video says it all!

Thanks to House Party Palooza who really knows how to throw a party! The kids each make 3-4 Fuzzoodles creations during this action-packed party! They loved it!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Fuzzoodles who provided the products for review through Child’s Play Communications.

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