Your Little Gymnast Needs a Balance Beam at Home

Nimble Sports LLC Balance Beam

Gymnastics equipment at home is essential for children to practice the skills they are leaning at the gym. A great piece of equipment to start with is the balance beam because it is easy to use and store and because it is one of the hardest events for gymnasts to master.

My daughter has been in gymnastics for a couple years now and really enjoys it. She has classes twice a week, her skills are improving but she needs a little extra practice time, especially on the balance beam. This is why we decided to get a balance beam for her to practice on at home and we are so glad we did.

Nimble Sports LLC Balance Beam

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Beginner and advanced gymnasts alike can benefit from quality home gymnastic equipment like that of DGS Gymnastics Supply. DGS has everything you need for an entire at-home gym including balance beams, climbing ropes, training aids, tumbling aids, horizontal bars, mats, and more.

I did some research before selecting a balance beam for my daughter and was pleased that DGS fit the bill. Their balance beams are just like those at the gym. They are wrapped with a commercial grade synthetic suede that looks and feels just like the gym.

Nimble Sports LLC Balance Beam

When selecting a balance beam, you have many choices. DGS offers low beans at various lengths and heights.  Also choose from mini beams, vinyl, foam, wobble, half rounds, and sectional.

For us, we chose the 8 foot balance beam in suede. It is the perfect size for practicing all sorts of moves and even her beam routine. She has only had it for a few weeks and we can already see the improvement. That is the power of repetition.

Nimble Sports LLC Balance Beam

The 8’ beam is perfect for individual skills such as cartwheels, handstands, turns, back walkovers, front walkovers, splits on the beam, and beam routines.

Nimble Sports LLC Balance Beam

Here is a full list of gymnastics skills to be practiced on the beam.  For more advanced moves, you should also have a mat. You can even save money by purchasing the mat and beam combo.

DGS Gymnastics Equipment

At my daughter’s gym, the balance beam portion of practice is only about 20 minutes, so there isn’t a lot of time to practice. My daughter now enjoys practicing daily at home. I like the money it is saving too. Private lessons and even group lessons are very expensive. This beam pays for itself as it is the same as just a couple private lessons at our gym.

Installing the balance beam was a cinch, we simply screwed the braces to the beam in a matter of a few minutes.


I’m so impressed by the added confidence this balance beam has instilled in our daughter already. It is an affordable option that I wish I had looked into earlier.

DGS Gymnastics Supply is the official supplier to USA Gymnastics Men’s and Women’s national teams, so I know the quality is top-notch.

Home gymnastics equipment is no substitute for gymnastics classes with quality, trained teachers. However, gymnastics equipment from DGS can help your child excel in the sport with affordable, quality products for practice at home. You can purchase the DGS Balance Beam normally for $209 but for a limited time, it is available for the blowout price of just $175.

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