Have Fun & Explore With PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station Playset

My husband is an engineer so he naturally leans towards STEM toys when we are shopping for our daughter. When we get them, I’m not sure who has more fun… him or her?!

Now that she is getting older, they have a lot of fun building things and figuring out how things work. I know that it will only continue to get more fun and interesting as she gets older.

Mars Space StationThis is a sponsored post. This post contains affiliate links, which means at no extra cost to you, I earn on qualifying purchases.

This PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station has been their latest project and it is really awesome.

Amazing Details Put Into The PLAYMOBIL Space Station

The attention to detail that PLAYMOBIL puts into their play sets always amazes me. Our first real experience with PLAYMOBIL play sets was the Advent Calendar that we got last year. My daughter LOVED that so much. She woke up every morning ready to open a new calendar spot and find a new toy. In fact, she loved it so much that she is still playing with it on a regular basis.

In both the Advent Calendar and this Space Station, you can tell that the folks at PLAYMOBIL put a lot of time and attention into the details. For instance, they give you a tool that helps you snap some of the tiny pieces together. They also have tiny tools that are part of the “scene”. The hands of the people that are included in the play sets are open so that they can grip on to their possessions.

The instructions are really well written and easy to understand as well. Overall, PLAYMOBIL play sets are really well designed and thought out.

PLAYMOBIL Play Sets Are Perfect To Keep Kids Engaged

PLAYMOBIL play sets keep my daughter’s attention for longer than most toys do which is a really nice perk! My husband and daughter started putting this Space Station together the night that we got it and she was ready to play every evening when my husband got home from work! She couldn’t wait to have the Space Station built.

Now that it is put together, she still enjoys playing with it. She also likes taking it apart to put it back together again. If you are looking for a toy to hold your kid’s attention… definitely check out this Space Station or one of the other PLAYMOBIL play sets!

What’s Included In The PLAYMOBIL Space Station Play Set?

As I mentioned, the attention to detail is incredible. There are 2 astronauts included along with everything they will need while exploring space including food, water, tooth brush, tooth paste, and more! The station even has functioning lights beneath the central hub to help the astronauts find their way back.

The middle of the station is the central command area and there are also modules on either side. One module is equipped with sleeping compartments and the other module is a lab for analyzing samples.

Whether you are looking for a birthday present, starting holiday shopping early, or looking for a toy that will keep your kiddos interest… the PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station is a great fit! It’s also on sale on Amazon right now for $20 off!!

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