Inspirational and Fun Family Movie Night with HEAVEN IS FOR REAL

Heaven is for Real Review

For family night, we watched HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, just released on Blue-ray/DVD this week. It was the most inspirational, touching movies we’ve ever watched.

I wasn’t sure if my kids would like it since it has a more serious message but Sony Pictures delivered a movie that was intriguing, inspirational, and fun for the entire family! My kids wanted to watch it again the next day with their friends!

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Heaven is for Real ReviewHEAVEN IS FOR REAL is based on the true story of a young boy who has a near-death experience and recalls his visit to Heaven. The stories reveals his family’s reluctance to accept his story as reality, their difficulty in knowing whether to share or keep his experience a secret, and their own personal journey of faith.

I love how real HEAVEN IS FOR REAL is.

Even though the young boy, Colton is the son of a pastor, they didn’t just start proclaiming to all the amazing stories of Heaven. They even had to find the courage to believe him, to face mocking people, and deal with the disbelief of others.

Personally, I connected with this family because it was a pastor’s family in the Wesleyan Church denomination – my father is a retired pastor from the same denomination. The church setting, the songs, and even the cranky board members were right on! 🙂 I could just imagine the struggles this family went through.

I got goosebumps listening to the young boy tell the stories of Heaven to his parents. How amazing would it be to hear about a loved-one like his grandfather that passed away years ago?! He didn’t recognize the grandfather from the picture his dad showed him because he was old – likely the only images the boy ever saw before. When the dad found an image of his grandfather as a young man, Colton recognized him. I couldn’t imagine what that felt like!

Heaven is for Real Review

In the movie, the mother wasn’t as quick to believe her son’s stories of Heaven. She was even annoyed that her husband was believing him and telling others. It all changed when she heard that her son met her first baby that died before birth. (Watch the clip above for this amazing scene!) I almost cried at this part as I also miscarried my first baby and often think of him/her in Heaven…after this, the mother was on board and the family had the courage to tell the world about Heaven!

This movie is a must see for the whole family. It is an amazing story of faith, God, Heaven, and believing. It is an inspirational story that will have you doing more research on the subject, on this family, and others. My son was mesmerized by the girl in the movie that painted a picture of Jesus after her near-death experience. All the pictures that Colton’s dad showed him of Jesus from other paintings didn’t look like Jesus to Colton but when he saw Akiane Kramarik’s painting, he said, “that’s him” and his eyes lit up. Another goose bump experience!


My son wanted to know if that was real and if you could really see her paintings, she even has a Pinterest page.

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For your next family movie night, check out HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. It really is a must see for the whole family. You can purchase the Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD July 22 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment now at retailers nationwide and on

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