Count the days until Christmas with a PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar!

Santa's Workshop

Kids are always excited for Christmas and if your kids are anything like my daughter, they are asking about it A LOT. I get it… I remember being a kid and feeling like it took FOREVER for Christmas to get here!

Horse Farm and Santa's Workshop

Advent Calendars are a perfect way to count the days until Christmas but some of them are fragile or just not super kid-friendly! That’s why I am excited to have my daughter count the days until Christmas with her new PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar this year!

Road to the cupChristmas post office

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PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar 2018 Options

There are four PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar themes to choose from this year. That way you can pick the one that your kids and family will enjoy the most!

Santa's Workshop

I picked the PLAYMOBIL Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar for my daughter and the Horse Farm Advent Calendar for my niece.

Other than the two that I got, there are two more PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar themes this year. They have a NHL Road to the Cup theme as well as a Christmas Post Office theme. 

I made the mistake of showing it to my daughter when it arrived. So to be honest, it is questionable if we will actually make it until December 1st to start using it! We shall see.

Horse Farm

Advent Calendars that last beyond Christmas

Another reason that I am excited for the PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar is because I know my daughter will be able to play with it beyond Christmas. Once she has opened all of the windows and has completed the scene, she will be able to continue playing with it for the days, weeks, and months to come.

To me, that is a bonus because Advent Calendars are fun but then there is usually not much you can do with them after Christmas!

If you are looking for a fun way to count down the days until Christmas with your kiddos, I would highly recommend one of the PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendars! You can read more about them and purchase them on PLAYMOBIL’s Website or on

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